CELTIC-NEXT is a EUREKA Cluster focusing on ICT and telecommunication.
CELTIC-NEXT is active since 2019. It follows the two predecessor Clusters Celtic-Initiative (2004-2010) and Celtic-Plus (2011-2018).
The organisation comprises the Core Group, the Public Authorities, the Management Team, the CELTIC Office. The heart of the technological work are the achievements of CELTIC-NEXT Projects.
The main task is to stimulate successful industry-driven collaborative European research projects.

Core Group
The CELTIC Core Group consists of currently 16 members from 10 countries. Members of the Core Group are mainly from the European telecoms industry. The Core Group is responsible for the general policy of CELTIC-NEXT and its research activities. Many project proposals are driven by Core Group members.

Public Authorities
The Public Authorities of the different countries are responsible for the public funding part of CELTIC-NEXT projects. Representatives of the Public Authorities help the proposers and projects to ensure public funding in the different countries

Management Team
The CELTIC-NEXT Management Team consists of the Core Group chair and vice-chairs, and the Celtic Office Director. The Team is responsible for general CELTIC-NEXT management issues.

Celtic Office
The Celtic Office is responsible for day-to-day management of the CELTIC-NEXT programme. It organises the calls for project proposals, the project evaluation, the labelling and the project reviews. It also provides support needed to projects, proposers and interested communities, and organises regular CELTIC-NEXT events and Proposers Days.

This is where the work happens and where the return of investment is made. Typically we have between 20 and 30 projects with a total budget of 100 to 300 Million Euro running in parallel.

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