How to use the project FTP space Each project has its own ftp space where all participants can store project-internal files.
The ftp server for projects is accessible by using the following possibilities:

Access the project ftp space:

1) By using an FTP client

This method is most recommended as it also provides the possibility for uploading files to the ftp space and for managing files and directories, etc..

If you don’t have a ftp client installed you may find a number of suitable, free tools, e.g.:

or some commercial clients like:

Note: This list is not complete! There are tons of different ftp tools around!

Configuring the ftp client for access

The access configuration is as follows:

  • FTP (IP) address:
  • User name (scheme): celtic-<acronym> (e.g. celtic-impulse)
  • Password: individual group password as assigned for each project

Please note that ftp tools are case-sensitive. It is recommended to use lower case for all directories and file:

2) By using the Web browser

This possibility only allows download of ftp files. For security reasons an upload possibility has not bee provided. When accessing the project ftp through your web browser the URL has to follow the model:

ftp://username:password at

Alternatively you can use another URL-model (e.g. for IMAGES): In this case a pop-up window will ask for username/ password.

In case of problems please contact office(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or our helpdesk (helpdesk(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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