Project Ideas presented at the CELTIC-NEXT Proposers Day on 7 May 2015 in Oulu
5G Positioning technology for future mobile services (Giuseppe Destino, Matti Latva-aho, University of Oulu)

5G+ Approach:5G-positioning1

  • Unique co-design of communications and positioning
  • Built-in feature of mobile network
  • Scalable performance (1 cm -10 m)
  • Minimal impact (<1%)
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Demonstration

Looking for:

  • SME (LBS developers)5G-positioning2
  • SME (System integrators)
  • Large company (Mobile network)
  • Large company (Operators)


Dr. Giuseppe Destino
giuseppe.destino (at)
Prof. Matti Latva-aho
matti.latva-aho (at)

ROBust INterworking Heterogeneous networks for brOadband access, smart-grid cOntrol, and Dependability - ROBIN-HOOD (Nandana Rajatheva, University of Oulu)
  • Basic idea is the exploitation of scattered wireless local access networks (gateways) to integrate mobile cellular networks
    • Beyond integration of public hot-spots
    • Capacity enhancement
    • Coverage enhancement (incl. indoor/outdoor)
  • Moreover, the proposed heterogeneous system also provides
    • Dependable communication infrastructure (disaster relief)
    • Supporting backbone for smart grids control
  • Gateways (e.g., WLAN, etc.)
    • Scattered
    • Connected by fibre, satellite, broadband wireless, etc.



Prof. Nandana Rajatheva
University of Oulu
E-Mail: rrajathe (at)
Telephone: +358451059981
Web :

Reliable Industrial Communication Over the Air - ReICOvAir (Marko Sonkki, University of Oulu)

The Plan:

  • Analyse challenging scenarios of wireless industrial automation, derive requirements, and define test cases
  • Perform measurements (environments, frequencies)
  • Update and validate the QuaDRiGa channel model
  • Implement emulation/validation environment (testbed)
  • Standardization of test-cases (rating system)


Emulation/validation platform for industrial communication systems, based on:

  • Channel model for industrial environments
  • Software and hardware channel emulators
  • Standardized rating of wireless communication systems

–> Proven and qualified performance of wireless communication systems for the industry

Marko Sonkki
University of Oulu, Centre for Wireless Communications
email: marko.sonkki (at)

Frank Burkhardt
Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS
Am Wolfsmantel 33, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
email: frank.burkhardt (at)
Tel: +49 (0)9131 776 6312

Digital Health Services for 1. MyData & 2. Hospital (Jarmo Pääkkönen, Centre for Health and Technology Passion for life)

1. MyData in eHealth Cloud:

  • MyData is a human-centered approach to personal information management and processing.
  • MyData integrated with health and care
    • All the data of person as Big Data
    • Not only health, even that is in our interest
  • Integrate MyData and welness as one
  • Looking for Big Data integration and health care piloting cases

2. Hospital IoT and Location

  • Integrated IoT and Location services
    • inside and outside hospitals as care service
  • New location option 5G offers efficiency
  • Emergency situations:
    • Ambulance arrives to hospital, care preparation
    • Situation (temperature, hart rate, feeling etc.)
    • Contact to specialists with care needs
  • Care situations:
    • Patient location in hospital and between them
    • Communication to care everywhere
    • Patient situation (temp, hr, feeling, video etc.)
  • Special equipment for care:
    • Moving of different devices in hospital needs located
    • Status of the equipment (battery, readiness, automatic start of device)
    • Devices attached to persons and beds when patient move
    • Rented or stolen devices to be located outside the hospital


Jarmo Pääkkönen
90014 University of Oulu, Finland
E-Mail: jarmo.paakkonen (at)
Mobile: +358405433422

Passion for life – the digital heath preventor platform (Jan Aidemark, Linda Askenäs, Linnaeus University)

Make the most of IoT, big data and sharing community with elderly people

“Passion for life” is a spread concept that makes people aware of what they can do in their daily life to live healthy longer. It is about breaking common patterns, be aware of improvements, proceed from theory into action and make changes in your own life.
The program consist of six areas; empowerment, safety at home, nutrition, active living, social life, medications.
Our idea is to bring this proven and spread concept to a new area were we bring the most out of ICT to assist in the goal. By co-designing and developing a platform, integrating technologies and tools we would like to support all six areas.


Individual level:

  • Integration of diverse datasets, sensors, tools and applications to a common database structure (local, cloud, central), based on auto. recognitions of data.
  • Video, voice, photo and picture and text conversions (to enable different impairments)
  • Identifying thorough multi-analysis of IoT data unconscious problem areas (AI, agents compare different datasets)
  • Group

Social level:

  • Video call ability for non-connected phones (eg. voice avatar based on picture)
  • Non invasive ongoing sharing and supporting each other

International Community level:

  • Language translator voice and text in real-time
  • Big data analysis, trends, patterns, prognosis, comparison with group of individuals with same situation.


Dr. Niclas Eberhagen
E-Mail: niclas.eberhagen (at)
Telephone: +46 470-70 8498

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