JESI: Joint European Vehicular Communication Innitiative

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Title of my Proposal Idea
JESI: Joint European Vehicular Communication Innitiative
Objective of my Proposal Idea

JESI started as a union of two independent projects
1. Safe and Secure and Green European Processor (SASAGEP)
2. Vehicular communications project intended by CEA LIST
This union is mirrored in the current JESI project abstract:
The Joint European Vehicular Communications Security Initiative
(JESI) is a joint effort of European industries, research labs, and
academia. JESI will create an advanced European secure
computing core technology (SCCT) to be used in vehicles and
communications infrastructure along roads; SCCT features situate
at the forefront of reliability, cybersecurity, energy efficiency,
autonomy and performance in a highly mobile context.
Depending on the partner's interests this definition will be adapted.
A draft of the structure with present and targeted future partners is
(possible mapping not yet discussed but added here by KK):
JESI's areas of activity / sub-projects:
1. SSCT - Secure Computing Core Technology
(KK, KIT, VTT, UAB, CEA LETI?, STMicroelectronics?)
2. SVCT - Secure Vehicular Communications Technology
(CEA LIST, Com4Innov?, Ericsson?, EDF?, Beia?)
3. SIAT - Secure Industrial Automation Technology
(Sungwoo, CEA LIST, Beia?) => Industry 4.0, IoT
4. SHPC - Secure High Performance Computing
(VTT?, UAB?, Tradition?)

Types of partners being sought
Proposal key words
  • A13 Network Security / Privacy
  • C4 Security/ safety, trust and identity
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Germany

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