This CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call will open on the 7th of July 2022 and close on the 21st of October.


Write a CELTIC-NEXT application in your field of interest and expertise by creating an account on the Celtic Proposal Submission Portal to apply; fill in the application form and upload your project proposal in pdf before the deadline.
Full proposals are expected to be on new innovative ideas within CELTIC-NEXT’s scope.

Have a look at the last pitch presentations given during our Last Proposers Day on the 7th of September 2022 to join a consortium with an innovative idea! We reached more than 200 registrations & attendees and 21 innovative project proposal pitches, so go have a look to join existing ideas and build strong consortia!

CELTIC-NEXT is pleased to announce the Call to foster new project ideas for the upcoming CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call.
This call is the perfect opportunity to enable projects in the field of next-generation communications for the digital society that contribute to a sustainable world. We invite you to participate, engage and explore ground-breaking opportunities together with the CELTICNEXT Cluster.
By applying and participating in the CELTIC-NEXT Call, your organization can access national public funding for your R&D project.

Until today, CELTIC has labelled, funded and performed 163 projects in all their research areas with a total volume of more than 1.2 billion Euro. By facilitating these collaborative R&D projects, the CELTIC cluster has made a great contribution to help Europe to stay at the competitive edge of the information and communications technologies industry.
The industry-driven Cluster CELTIC and its vision has been laid in the CELTIC Scope and Research Areas document.

In addition to the entire scope of the CELTIC Strategic Roadmap, CELTIC is also looking for projects in the field of Non-Terrestrial-Networks and Terrestrial Networks convergence, as we are developing our partnership with the European Space Agency, along the topics to be read in the corresponding article in the CELTIC News from first half 2022.
Projects will be able to join the future collaborative actions.

Some funding public authorities have also expressed their additional interest into: Digitalisation of the Economy thanks to ICT technologies, Clean Growth, Remote Health & Care, Advanced Manufacturing, Critical Coms for Emergencies, Open RAN, Private Networks, AI for Massive MIMO, IoT, I-IOT, and 6G topics.



Autumn Call 2022 Opening of the Autumn call 7-Jul-22
Proposers Day 7-Sep-22
Submission deadline 21-Oct-22

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the CELTIC Office for further information.

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