This CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call was open from the 7th of July 2022 to the 21st of October 2022.


On the CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call 2022 to foster new project ideas in the field of next-generation communications for a digital society, 2 projects were labelled:

  • MECON: Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) over NTN for beyond 5G & 6G
  • i2D-MSW:  intelligence to Drive | Move-Save-Win Project Coordinator

In addition to the entire scope of the CELTIC Strategic Roadmap, CELTIC was also looking for projects in the field of Non-Terrestrial-Networks and Terrestrial Networks convergence, as we are developing our partnership with the European Space Agency, along the topics to be read in the corresponding article in the CELTIC News from first half 2022.

To support this call, a Proposers Day was organised on the 7th of September 2022. Pitch sessions for the Proposers were organised to present their ideas, and presentations from the Public Authorities were delivered to share available funding for the Call. The goal was to help all to find or join a consortium. In total, we reached more than 200 registrations & attendees and 21 innovative project proposal pitches.



Autumn Call 2022 Opening of the Autumn call 7-Jul-22
Proposers Day 7-Sep-22
Submission deadline 21-Oct-22

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