How to submit your proposal

First of all, you will need an account on the Celtic Proposal Submission Portal to apply.
In order to access the Celtic Proposal Submission Portal for the first time you need to create an account or log in with your credentials if you have already participated in one of the previous CELTIC-NEXT Calls.

Once your account is created, you can fill in the application form and upload your Project Proposal Template before the deadline. There you will be able to write a CELTIC-NEXT submission in your field of interest and expertise for the open call(s).

Please note that you will also need to contact each partner National Public Authority by country to receive national funding information and that process and conditions can vary with dates and take time.

You shall also fill in, sign and return, to the office, the Confirmation Letter/Declaration of Acceptance (CLD) for each consortium partner within two weeks after your proposal submission.

After receiving a positive Label Notification, a Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) should be elaborated and signed between the consortium partners. For that purpose, we provide you with an example here.

During the submission process, you will be guided step by step as all documents are provided in the tool and on our Guides, Contracts & Templates page.
To get to know how to write a successful project idea, check our guide on how to develop a high-quality proposal step-by-step.

In case you have any questions regarding the CELTIC Project Portal, don’t hesitate to contact us via

Legal documents for CELTIC-NEXT & Celtic-Plus projects

Spring Call 2024

Spring Call 2024

Autumn Call 2023

Autumn Call 2023

CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call 2021 & Spring Call 2022

Autumn Call 2021 & Spring Call 2022

CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call 2020 and Spring Call 2021

Autumn Call 2020 and Spring Call 2021

CELTIC-NEXT Spring Call 2020 and earlier

Spring Call 2020 and earlier

Celtic-Plus legal documents

If you need Legal documents for Celtic-Plus projects (CLD, PCA, NdA), don’t hesitate to get in touch with Celtic Office.

Valid documents such as guides, templates and logos to run and propose CELTIC-NEXT projects






Celtic-Next logos

If you have additional questions or need additional support, you may contact CELTIC Office for assistance.

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