Celtic provides a number of additional services for registered members of Celtic domains and, in particular, for all project domains. The offered tools are part of the tool set provided by Eurescom GmbH. Note: to access the detailed information about the tools and services a domain access password is required.

Services and tools free of charge (included in Celtic fee)

  • Audio-Conference
    This secure dial-in audio bridge is available to all domain members. After automatic reservation audio-conference can be arranged free of charge.
    We offer now also the possibility to access the audio-conference bridge via international local access numbers (see list).
  • E-mail exploder lists
    Mailing lists (exploders or reflectors) can be composed and managed by domain members. They serve for group mailings.
  • Project Reporter (EuresToolsReporter)
    This online reporting tool provides a fast and painless reporting mechanism and is indispensable for an efficient project controlling and project management. You have to indentify your project and log-in account.
    User Guide (Version 1; pdf)
  • Onlyoffice
    Workspace based on Onlyoffice document management server with individual user accounts

Additional domain services (not included in Celtic fee, additional charges apply)

  • BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work)
    This tool is extremely efficient for collaborative work team and is the most often used tool by our research project. BSCW enables collaboration over the Web by using a standard Web browser only. BSCW is a ‘shared workspace’ system which supports document upload, event notification, group management and much more. The license fee is moderate (between 25 and 200€/year and user, depending on the number of users).
  • Additional Tools (for information or communication management, e.g Web Conferencing, eVoting)
    Additional tools can be made available upon request.

In case you have additional questions or you need additional support you may contact office(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)celticplus.eu for assistance.

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