CELTIC-NEXT also provides a number of additional services for registered members of CELTIC domains and, in particular, for all project domains. The offered tools are part of the tool-set provided by Eurescom GmbHEuresTools® is a modular suite of Cloud-based project management tools. The tools have been specifically designed to meet the needs of Horizon 2020 projects and European R&D projects in general.

Those services and tools are free of charge and included in the CELTIC fee (except for the website*):

EuresTools® Reporter is compliant with the reporting requirements for EU-funded research projects in the current Horizon 2020 programme. Beyond EU projects, a modified version of EuresTools® Reporter is also used by some projects of EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT.

EuresTools® Conferencing is an easy-to-use audio-conferencing and web-conferencing solution. This Conferencing tool enables real-time collaboration in live online project meetings and webinars and has been used by numerous European research projects. This conferencing solution provides everything you need in an intuitive way: screen sharing and application sharing, chat, and live video via webcam and, of course, voice communication.

EuresTools® Workspace provides a shared, secure work space in the Cloud for project documents. Once a work space has been set up, all users can upload or download documents to dedicated sub-directories.

EuresTools® Tracker is a Cloud-based tool for tracking and controlling dissemination activities and results. Tracker provides an easy overview on activities and results, and it facilitates the process of agreeing on dissemination documents.

EuresTools® Mailing List includes a customised e-mail list server with web front-end management. Features include virus-scan, anti-spam filters, an e-mail archive, and an easy-to-use web interface for list owners. Through the web interface, individual mailing lists can be flexibly defined and maintained according to the demands of the project. 

EuresTools® Website is technically based on WordPress, an Open Source content management system (CMS). This includes a user-friendly content management system and secure and flexible account and login administration (a fee applies).

Note: to access detailed information about the tools and services a domain access password is required.

An interesting additional tool available is the BSCW tool: (additional fees may apply)

This tool is very efficient for collaborative work team and document management. It is very often used by our research projects. BSCW enables collaboration over the Web by using a standard Web browser only.
BSCW is a ‘shared workspace’ system which supports document upload, event notification, group management and much more. The license fee is moderate (between 25 and 200€/year and user, depending on the number of users).

Additional domain services are available but are not included in CELTIC fee. Additional charges apply to those tools available upon request.
Contact us by mail for information or communication management (e.g eVoting).

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