Conditions to become a Core Group member

  • Be a private company or a research type organisation (RTO)
  • Participate actively in Celtic-Next development and events
  • Support our Mission & Vision and our Strategical Roadmap for the next years coming
  • Understand the scope of CELTIC-NEXT and the other executive bodies including CELTIC-NEXT Group of Experts, CELTIC-NEXT Ad Hoc Committees and the CELTIC Office
  • Be a Eureka country (belonging to the Eureka organisation) with a significant impact (not compulsory)

If you wish to be part of the CELTIC Core Group, please send an e-mail for further information to our management team.

CELTIC-NEXT Core Group Companies

Composition of the CELTIC Core Group

The CELTIC-NEXT Core Group will be composed of the representatives of the Parties.
No Party may have more than one representative as a member in the CELTIC-NEXT Core Group. The CELTIC-NEXT Core Group will be established, in accordance with the following:

The composition of the CELTIC-NEXT Core Group should reflect the participation in the CELTIC-NEXT Programme and an appropriate mixture with respect to balance of participating countries, fields and levels of activities while staying at a count level compatible with effective decision-making processes.
Each representative member of the CELTIC-NEXT Core Group has one vote.
For the avoidance of doubt, it is stated that all Original CELTIC-NEXT Parties will be represented in the CELTIC-NEXT Core Group as long as they remain a CELTIC-NEXT Party.

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Core Group

The CELTIC-NEXT Core Group is responsible for:

  • Programme strategy and coherence
  • Representation of the Programme to PAs
  • Interface to the PAs for all issues related to the Programme
  • Decisions on tasks and guidelines for the CELTIC-NEXT Group of Experts
  • Definition and updating of guidelines for the structure and organisation of the Programme
  • Selection of Projects, assisted by the CELTIC-NEXT Group of Experts’ recommendations
  • Execution and overall management of the Programme
  • Decisions on Projects in individual cases regarding potential conflict of interest or participation in a Project of a non-European Affiliate.
  • Approval of the budget for the CELTIC-NEXT Organisation
  • Operational costs of the CELTIC-NEXT Organisation
  • Financial audit of the CELTIC-NEXT Organisation

Meetings and Voting responsibilities of the Core Group

  • The CELTIC-NEXT Core Group shall perform its work in regular meetings, at least three times a year.
  • Each member in the CELTIC-NEXT Core Group has one vote.

Decisions require a simple majority of the votes of the members present or represented by proxy, which require two thirds of the votes, except for the following:
(i) installation/relocation of the CELTIC Office;
(ii) budget related issues

Labelling and recommending funding

After evaluation by the CELTIC-NEXT Group of Experts, the CELTIC-NEXT Core Group will decide whether it will grant a label, hereinafter the “CELTIC-NEXT Label” to the proposed Project. The CELTIC-NEXT Label is the confirmation of the CELTIC-NEXT Organisation that the proposed Project fits to the goals of Programme and that the applying organisations may participate as Participants in the Programme.
The CELTIC-NEXT Label is the confirmation that the CELTIC-NEXT Organisation recommends the Project for public funding. The CELTIC Project Proposal is the basic technical document for the application for funding to the respective PAs. The decision of funding lies with the respective PA.

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