To support you in preparing your project proposal for CELTIC-NEXT Calls:

In order to support you in preparing your project proposal for CELTIC-NEXT Calls, we have created an online Brokerage Tool. Its goal is to help you build your Consortium for your CELTIC Project.

The Following functionalities are available:

  • Submission form for Project Ideas and Expertise Offers
  • Overview lists with search form
  • Contact request forms
  • Process owner support functions: approval process and contact request tracking

After submission, the CELTIC Office will check and publish your Project Idea or your Expertise.

The “PROPOSAL KEYWORDS” field is implemented using a taxonomy form field class which allows easy updates of the keyword list, such as renaming, and deletion of addition of keywords.

The “IDENTITY MANAGEMENT” field determines whether Name, Telephone and Company Name are shown in the Project Idea overview list or search results. The Type of Organisation and Country are always shown. The email address is never shown.

If you have any questions regarding this tool, don’t hesitate to send an email to the CELTIC Office.

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