Making a project proposal

Making a proposal for a CELTIC-NEXT project is rather easy. If you want to make a proposal for a CELTIC-NEXT project, just look for the next Call and submit a project proposal before the deadline. Please refer to the Call Information for details. The Celtic Office (ue.txencitlec@eciffo) is happy to help you for any questions you may have.

New project ideas and recently labelled projects 

Meet the CELTIC-NEXT Community

CELTIC-NEXT organises several events open to the public, which interested parties can attend to learn more about CELTIC-NEXT. We have typically one large CELTIC-NEXT Event per year including an exhibition where running projects show their results. In addition we are running several Proposers Days every year where interested parties can discuss their project ideas and potential project proposals with other interested experts and with representatives from the Public Authorities. Please watch out for upcoming CELTIC-NEXT Events on our event page.

Read the CELTIC-NEXT News, Newsletters and Newsflashes

Please keep informed about the News on our Web. Twice a year we publish a CELTIC-NEXT Newsletter with news from our Community and projects. Please stay informed on our homepage. Important items are announced to a subscribed group via an e-mail Newsflash. Please subscribe on our homepage.

Get in touch with us via social media

CELTIC-NEXT is discussing important and interesting issues on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Latest interviews with the growing CELTIC-NEXT Community and latest project videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Contact the Celtic Office

The Celtic Office (ue.txencitlec@eciffo) is happy to help you with any of your inquiries on the most suitable way for you to get involved.

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