Celtic Office, c/o Eurescom, Wieblinger Weg 19/4, 69123 Heidelberg, Germany
By Plain

The recommended airport is Frankfurt which is approximately 80 km away from Heidelberg, i.e. less than one hour driving. Alternatives are Stuttgart (130 km), Strasbourg (120 km) or Hahn (160 km; used by some airlines mainly from UK and Ireland).

If you arrive at Frankfurt you have the following possibilities to continue to Heidelberg:

1) Lufthansa Airport Bus
Charges: single transfer € 24,00
This Shuttle Bus is operated by Lufthansa and terminates at the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Heidelberg. To proceed from there, usage of Taxi is recommended (costs app. € 8 duration 10 -15 minutes).
Timetable and more information about the Airport Bus service

Airport Bus service Frankfurt/Hahn – Heidelberg http://www.hahn-express.de

2) Limousine Service (TLS Minibus),
Price per journey is € 40,00
Booking must be done in advance directly at TLS Transfer & Limousine Service: Tel. +49 6221 77 00 77 or online
Note: You may encounter some delays which can be caused by late arrival of other passengers.

If you need assistance in planning your travel, please call us at +49 6221 989 0 or send an Email to ue.txencitlec@eciffo

By Car
DIRECTIONS TO Celtic, c/o Eurescom, Wieblinger Weg 19/4 – 69123 HEIDELBERG – Germany



Coming via the A5 from Frankfurt or Karlsruhe, leave the motorway at the junction “Heidelberger Kreuz” in the direction of Heidelberg. The motorway ends and turns into the B37. At the first junction, take the left lane at the traffic light, and turn sharp left into Mannheimer Str. Then turn again left into Steinzeitweg and right into Wieblinger Weg.

Celtic is co-located with Eurescom GmbH.

By Train

For visitors from France, in particular from Paris, using the train (TGV or ICE) is a very convenient way to come to Heidelberg. It’s direct to Mannheim (about 3 hours) where you need to change to Heidelberg.

From the main station in Heidelberg you can take the tram line 5 in the direction to Mannheim and get off the tram at the second stop “Berufsschule” (takes approximately 3 mins). From there it’s about a 5 minutes walk.

Please check the train timetable for more details.

If you need some assistance please call the Celtic Office at +49 6221 989 0 or send an Email to ue.txencitlec@eciffo


Hotels within walking distance to Celtic Office / Eurescom

Hotel Chester
Bonhoefferstraße 10, Heidelberg
15 min walking distance to Eurescom

Vangerowstraße 16
Tel: +49 6221 9080

Hotel Ibis (at the main station)
Willy Brandt Platz 3
Tel: +49 6221 9130

Hotels located in the old city of Heidelberg

Weisser Bock
Große Mantelgasse 24
Tel: +49 6221 9000 0

Vier Jahreszeiten
Haspelgasse 2
Tel: +49 6221 24164

Holländer Hof
Neckarstaden 66
Tel: +49 6221 6050-0

Nassauer Hof
Plöck 1
Tel: +49 6221 90 57 00

Goldene Rose
St. Annagasse 7
Tel: +49 6221 905490

Hotels in walking distance to the old city of Heidelberg

Crowne Plaza (Lufthansa Bus stop)
Kürfürsten Anlage 1
Tel: +49 6221 9170

Bergheimer Straße 63
Tel: +49 6221 5080

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