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  • 5 Factors for a Successful Project

1. Targeting the research areas

Current trends : serving more vertical sectors with 6G, 5G and beyond, meeting the needs of the citizens
e.g. mobility and privacy/security.
Thus CELTIC-NEXT puts emphasis on Core technologies, Applications and Services serving Vertical sectors such as: content (video, gaming),e-health, smart industry/ manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart energy & mobility, smart cities, e-commerce…

2. Market relevance and exploitation potential

These are Key aspects to motivate Public Authorities to fund your project. The market analysis includes the technological value chain and added value of the collaboration, value chain as the right mix of partners in the consortium, added value of the cooperation at a technology level, added value by the cooperation at a business level, and consortium/partner access to the market.

3. Technology Innovation

Innovation above the State of the Art (SoA) is a Key Criterion, 50 % of criticism of the Cluster experts during proposal evaluation are related to insufficient description of the SoA.
Rationale for the project: Why is the subject of the proposed project important; which problems will be solved and which results will be generated that are currently not available?
State-of-the-art situation should describe the current technological situation, the current problems and gaps and indicate the technological improvements that you want to achieve. Strategic relevance and expected impact of your proposal on a per-country perspective such as what new businesses will be generated.

4. Right mix of participating countries

A large majority of successful projects in the past have been funded and built by a minimum of three different countries. The variety of countries active in CELTIC-NEXT is almost 27 countries, in addition to the Eurekan countries, for a total of 44 European and non-European participating countries worldwide. Finding the right diversity and mix of the funding countries can lead to a better funding scheme.

5. Proposal Submission

The CELTIC label decision is given in 3 stages: first, its Proposal Submission by proposers (one stage process via the Project Portal Tool). Then, the evaluation by Industry Experts and Public Authorities (learn more in the Proposer’s Guide handbook). Lastly, the Label Decision by Public Authorities and CELTIC Core Group – including important trio-criteria as technical quality, business relevance and national priority where they exist.

  • Starting and running a Labelled project – More information:
    • In EUREKA projects the funding is granted by ministries or Funding Agencies of the participating countries.
    • When a partner becomes active in a running project he will pay the CELTIC contribution of 1.5% of his budget.
    • In the last years a success rate for running projects of more than 50 % has been achieved.
    • Projects usually start when mandatory partners have green light for funding.
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