CELTIC 21st Anniversary Celebration at the Berlin 6G Conference 2024 -2nd to 4th July 2024


CELTIC 21st Anniversary Celebration

at the Berlin 6G Conference 2024

Please join us to celebrate together 21 years of international innovation cooperation!

CELTIC 21st Anniversary Ceremony

On the morning of the 2nd of July 2024, CELTIC will celebrate its 21 years of existence on the scene of international cooperation fostering innovation in the ICT domain and its application verticals. High-level speakers from BMBF, Eureka and the Industry will share the floor of the plenary auditorium and express themselves on CELTIC, its great achievements and their vision of its future.

AI-NET Flagship Closure Event 


On the 2nd of July in the afternoon session, the AI-NET Flagship will hold its Closure Event. This session will summarize the challenges and key achievements of the CELTIC ambitious European initiative, launched in mid-2021 with the support of the public authorities of Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, UK, and Poland, and with more than 90 partners from industry (both large and SME), RTOs and academia.


Detailed Session Program (tbc) on the 2nd of July 2024

AM109:00-10:30Opening and EUREKA Session
AM211:00-12:30EUREKA & CELTIC ceremony
PM114:00-15:30AI-NET Session 1
Welcome addresses from funding agencies
PM216:00-18:00AI-NET Session 2
Success stories and panel discussion
PM318:00-19:00Demo session @ AI-NET Booth

CELTIC-NEXT Running Project Exhibition from 2nd to 4th July 2024

We will also hold an exhibition from 2nd to 4th of July at BCC. Running projects will expose their current achievements in a booth section dedicated to CELTIC-NEXT, while the office will be present to provide information on the programme. Finished projects will have the possibility to present posters.

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