CELTIC-NEXT flagship project AI-NET-PROTECT held its last plenary meeting at Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Berlin

Last week, our Flagship Project AI-NET-PROTECT held its last plenary meeting at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin. This great meeting was the occasion to finalise the final integrated demo which will soon be available for public demonstration!

More information will be shared via https://ai-net.tech/ and our CELTIC-NEXT social media!



The primary focus of the AI-NET-PROTECT sub-project is to provide automated resilience and secure networks operated on trusted equipment to critical infrastructures and enterprises. AI-NET-PROTECT will ensure the protection of critical data, network performance (like latency, throughput, availability), and infrastructure (against tampering and attacks). To achieve these objectives, the project will develop a scalable network and node architecture to address the diverse KPIs by a mix of open and purpose-built hardware and software including whiteboxes. Network telemetry and intent-based software-defined network management and control will provide zero-touch provisioning and support artificial intelligence-based automation of end-to-end services. Strong security based on multi-layer cryptography, agile crypt-functions, and quantum-safe algorithms will form an integral part of the developed architecture. The key use cases for AI are performance optimization, proactive fault and anomaly detection, penetration and vulnerability testing, and security incident management.



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