Join the CELTIC Consortium Building Web-Sessions on 9-13 September.

Please find the  latest pitch presentations of the CELTIC Innovate UK Summer Briefing and the Consortium Building Websessions that will take place on 9-13 September on this page.

This is a good opportunity to further connect and discuss a possible involvement in one of the below CELTIC Proposal Ideas. In case there is no webinar scheduled please contact the pitch presenters directly, the contact details can be found on the last slide of the presentations.

If you would like to get more information about the CELTIC Online Sessions please register here .

If you have open questions please do not hesitate to contact us via we are happy to support you!

Please find more Project Ideas here:

Shadow Robot11 September16-16.30 CETEfstathia SotiropoulouShadow Robot UK
Adaptive Multilink Resource ManagementPlease contact the Presenter or the CELTIC OfficeLes Humphrey, Michael FitchCommunications Research LtdUK
5G International Music Jam10 September11-11.30 CETNickFABLAB LONDON VRUK
EMPORIUM09 September10-10.30 CETRenee WansdronkWansdronkNetherlands
AI - enabling effective directly to customer salesPlease contact the Presenter or the CELTIC OfficeMarkus SihvonenLAMK OyFinland
MmWave Devices and Systems for Mobile Industrial Internet of Things
10 September10-10.30 CETJaswinder LotaUniversity of East of LondonUK
Smart Augmented VR for Health12 September11-11.30 CETDavid Wortley360in360ix
Dependable Connectivity as a Service12 September 10-10.30 CETKeivan NavaieLancaster UniversityUK
5G Air to Ground Connectivity11 September10-10:30 CETJean-Christophe SchielAirbusFrance
SAFE HOMEPlease contact the Presenter or the CELTIC OfficeAyman RadwanInstituto de TelecomunicacoesPortugal


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