KU Leuven LICT – (research) expertise in different ICT-related domains

KU Leuven LICT – (research) expertise in different ICT-related domains

Expertise Short Title
KU Leuven LICT - (research) expertise in different ICT-related domains
Expertise offered

LICT (The Leuven Center on Information and Communication Technology) is a cross-departmental center within KU Leuven that bundles the complementary expertise of (electronic) engineers, computer scientists, sociologists and law experts, active in the area of ICT. The mission of the center is to "coordinate and promote top-level research on the design and application of ICT systems (including both hardware and software as well as related social and legal aspects) in support of industry and society". It currently represents more than 700 professors and researchers at different campuses in Flanders.

Research activities span the wider ICT domain including "Sensing & Communication Technology & Systems", "Embedded & Distributed Systems & Software", "ICT Security, Privacy & Safety", "Multimedia Processing, Data & Knowledge Science", "Human-Computer Interaction".
The LICT research find its application in domains like "Health & Well-being", “Smart Environments (Cities, Homes, Buildings, Industry, ...)”, “Content & Media”, “Transport, Logistics & Automotive”, "Food & Agriculture", "Technology supported Learning", ...
For more information see: www.kuleuven.be/LICT

Expertise key words
  • A13 Network Security / Privacy
  • A2 Mobile / Wireless
  • C2 Future interfaces
  • C4 Security/ safety, trust and identity
  • C5 Big Data, Data Mining, Reality Mining
  • C7 Future Displays / Enhanced reality
  • C8 Artificial Intelligence
  • D3 Cloud-related
  • D4 Internet of Things, including Sensors and Wearables
  • K1 IoT
  • K2 Artificial Intelligence
  • K4 Blockchain


Name: Greet Bilsen
Company: KU Leuven
Type of Organisation: University
Country: Belgium
Web: http://www.kuleuven.be/LICT

Brief description of my Organisation

KU Leuven, founded in 1425, is by far the largest university in Belgium. It is a full university with 15 faculties organized in 3 groups: Humanities & Social Sciences; Science, Engineering & Technology and Biomedical Sciences. The university counts around 58.500 students from about 150 countries.
The University has an annual research spending of 522 million euro (2019) and employs 7430 researchers on its academic staff (2019). These are involved in both curiosity-driven and strategic frontier research, as well as targeted and demand-driven research. KU Leuven research has a strong international reputation and has been approved more than 450 projects in H2020, making it the 5th HES institution with regard to the number of signed grants (482, worth more than 274 million euro). In the Times Higher Education ranking KU Leuven is ranked as the 13th European university, while in the Reuters Top 100 of the World’s most innovative institutions, KU Leuven is listed as the first European university, for the fourth year in a row.
KU Leuven Research & Development (LRD) is the technology transfer office (TTO) of the KU Leuven. Since 1972 a multidisciplinary team of experts guides researchers in their interaction with industry and society, and the valorisation of their research results (148 patents granted in 2019).
LICT is a multi-disciplinary research center within KU Leuven focus on ICT-related topics.

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