CELTIC-NEXT is the Eureka Cluster for next-generation communications for a secured, trusted, and sustainable digital society. CELTIC-NEXT stimulates and orchestrates international collaborative projects in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) domain.
CELTIC-NEXT is an industry-driven initiative involving all the major ICT industry players and many SMEs, service providers, and research institutions. The CELTIC-NEXT activities are open to all organisations that share the CELTIC-NEXT vision of an inclusive digital society and are willing to collaborate to their benefit, aligned with their national priorities, to advance the development and uptake of advanced ICT solutions.


PHDs & MScs


Jacques Magen about Celtic-Plus

See this video for more details about Celtic-Plus...

Orange Labs Research Exhibition

Celtic-Plus Chairman Jacques Magen visited the Orange Labs Research Exhibition (salon de la recherche) on...

Celtic-Plus Awards 2013 (Kayseri/ Turkey)

For some years Celtic has honoured the most successful and most promising finished projects with...


🚀Join our Autumn #Call 2024 Launch Event!

📅 Tuesday 23 July 2024
🕤 9:30 to 11:00 CEST

The @EUREKA_NETWORK programme & the CELTIC-NEXT cluster will be introduced. As well as, the first steps to prepare a high-quality #ICT #proposal!

👉 https://lnkd.in/eJwvQ-As

➡️ The AI-NET-ANIARA project led by @ericsson has reached a major milestone in the advancement of mobile networks, concluding with remarkable achievements that promise to shape the future of communication technology. 👉 @CelticNext #️⃣ #Ericsson #6G #AI

Congratulations to our 3 Awarded projects! 👏

At the CELTIC 21st Anniversary Ceremony co-located with the Berlin #6GPlatform in Berlin on 2 of July 2024, #AINET, #AI4GREEN & #5GPERFECTA projects won CELTIC awards for their outstanding work!🏅

More🔗 https://www.celticnext.eu/three-winners-at-the-celtic-21st-anniversary-celebration-at-berlin-6g-conference/

🎉 And it's a wrap-up of the CELTIC-NEXT 2️⃣1️⃣ st Anniversary co-located with the Berlin 6G Platform Event at BCC in hashtag#Berlin between the 2nd and 4th of July 2024! 🎉

More information ➡ 🔎 https://www.celticnext.eu/celtic-21st-anniversary-celebration-at-the-berlin-6g-conference-2024-2nd-to-4th-july-2024/

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Interactive map of Celtic-Next calls and projects

Click on the map to guide you through the cluster project process and navigate the website.

Interactive map of Celtic-Next calls and projects
Second phase First phase Call Opening Eureka project portal account creation Project Idea Preparation Proposer’s Brokerage Day Idea Pitch First contact with Public Authorities Consortium Building Session Full Celtic Project Proposal (CPP) submission Project Labelling Full National Applications Processed First PCR delivery Confirmation Letter of Acceptance (CLD/CLDoA) Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) Project Kick-off Last phase Project Running Every 3 months impact reporting Mid-Term Review Monitoring and coaching by Celtic Office Final Term Report Project End

Second phase

This second phase will start after the label has been granted to the project by the Celtic Core Group and Office. The funding process by the PA must be completed as soon as possible, hence the first contact in the previous phase. All parties must sign the agreements, and the first PCR validation will launch the project's kick-off.

Get involved in CELTIC-NEXT & Learn more about Celtic Calls

First phase

During this first phase, the proposers have the opportunity to prepare on their side before presenting to the Celtic Office and Authorities. With the Proposer's Day event, first informal pitch and review are made, giving the chance to participants and ideas to be shared and explored before the real CPP deadline.

Get involved in CELTIC-NEXT & Learn more about Celtic Calls

Call Opening

Twice a year, a bottom-up call, spring and autumn calls, are open letting the opportunity to submit a project in the research areas of CELTIC and the current issues faced by Governments. Eureka Joint calls and flagships are also organised.

Learn more about our Calls  &  Have a look to our Research Areas

Eureka project portal account creation

The first step is to create a Eureka Project account to access tools and easily get guidance in proposing and building an idea. Update your Project Proposal any time until the deadline, using your registered account.

Project Portal link

Project Idea Preparation

Proposers are free to define their project proposal according to their own research interests too and can submit it via our Online Project Portal.

Learn more about submitting a proposal here

Proposer’s Brokerage Day Idea Pitch

During our Proposer’s Brokerage Day for the call, take the chance to present your idea and expertise to attract funds and participants in your project.

Our Past Proposer’s Days

First contact with Public Authorities

Get in touch with your national agencies as soon as possible (even before applying) to speed up the funding decision process. Remember that each project participant should contact their federal funding and follow specificities regarding each nationwide financing.

Find your national agency and all specific info there

Consortium Building Session

Use the Brokerage tool to look at existing idea projects that could interest you, look for partners and expertise or even apply your own innovative idea.

Look for more tools here

Full Celtic Project Proposal (CPP) submission

Submit your Full Celtic Project Proposal by the deadline.

More help and information can be found in our Proposer’s Guide to guide step by step in launching your idea into a successful project.

Every guide and all call-related documents can be found here

Project Labelling

The evaluation of project proposals is made by the Group of Experts (GoE). The Celtic office organizes these project reviews and will then deliver or not the label according to the results.

Learn more about the Celtic organisation

Full National Applications Processed

The process of funding by the Public Authorities must be completed in this phase; hence the first contact made as earlier as possible.

Find your national agency and all specific info there

First PCR delivery

The First Project Change Request must be delivered to the Celtic Office and your project coordinator within Celtic by the deadline. This first PCR shall include your modifications and improvements as requested in the labelling review recommendations.

Find call-related documents here

Confirmation Letter of Acceptance (CLD/CLDoA)

The Confirmation Letter/Declaration of Acceptance (CLD) shall be filled in, signed for each consortium partner and returned to the office within two weeks after your proposal submission.

Find call-related documents here

Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA)

After receiving a positive Label Notification, a Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) should be elaborated and signed between the consortium partners.

Find call-related documents here

Project Kick-off

The Kick-Off of a project is an essential boosting event to launch a project officially. This session allows participants, representatives from industry and public funding organisations, to share their visions and goals and present their work to the world.

Contact the Celtic Team to learn more about project Kick-Off

Last phase

This third and final phase of an ongoing project until its end will be completed with an impact report every 3 months from the participants to the Celtic Bureau, which will follow the project for a minimum of 3 years. In the mid-term, the project will be the subject of a mid-term review to be written. And at the end of the project, a final report will again evaluate its success, the allocation of its grant, and its operation until its end.

Get involved in CELTIC-NEXT & Learn more about Celtic Calls

Project Running

When the two previous phases have been fully completed, the project is now active. The duration of a CELTIC project is approximately 3 years, but this period can vary depending on the project and other variables.

Read our full General Call Information

Look through our active and past projects to see more

Every 3 months impact reporting

Every three months, project participants will have to handle an impact report to Celtic Office to keep informing the PA of the progress.

Learn more by reading our Project Management Guide

Mid-Term Review

Halfway through the project's life, a mid-term review will be requested from all participants to assess the project's progress and its resources and ensure continuity of success.

Learn more by reading our Project Management Guide

Monitoring and coaching by Celtic Office

The Celtic Office will be here to ensure a following-up of the project during its lifetime and for 3 years minimum.

Have a look at our Celtic team

Final Term Report

Before a project closure, the Group of Experts and the Celtic Office evaluate the project's last report to assess the outcomes of this research and future applications.
This is carried out to verify that the project achieved the goals laid down in the proposal and the project description.

Full process detail in our Project Management Guide

Project End

Once a project ends, the Project Contract commits the participants to a CELTIC-NEXT Project session to finalise it so that all the expected project results are delivered and are of the agreed quality.

Learn more about why choosing CELTIC-NEXT to carry your project


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