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100-GET-AL (Sub-Project)

100 Gbit/s Carrier-Grade Ethernet Transport Technologies

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Eugen Lach
phone: N/A
e-mail: eugen.lach (at)
Alcatel-Lucent Germany, DE
MICRAM Microelectronik GmbH, DE
FhG – Heinrich Hertz Institut (HHI), DE
Alcatel THALES III-V Lab, FR
University of Limoges, FR
u2t Photonics AG, DE

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
October 2007 end 2010 26,158.2 k€ 140.9 PY CP4-001
The Subproject 100GET-AL is aiming at architectures, concepts, technologies and prototype implementations for a flexible, efficient, reliable and service-independent core transport network to fulfil the requirements of the Future Internet. 100GET-AL includes the activities described in the ORG_100GET proposal and enhances this by further functionalities and implementations.100GET-AL comprises the two activities “New Layer 2 transport concept” and “100G transmission – physical layer” which will produce the following key innovations:

  • Definition of a convergence network based on a multi-layer, multi-service architecture with advanced 100Gbps technologies and novel Layer 2 packet transport techniques (preferable T-MPLS) to provide the reqiured carrier grade features on availability, reliability, Quality-of-Service, supervision etc. not yet implemented in current packet networks
  • Scalable solutions of 100G packet networks for multi-Terabit throughput cope with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands of new services (Triple Play, Quadruple Play, IP-HDTV etc.)
  • Integrated network control for 100G packet networks based on GMPLS to ensure flexible, automated and thus cost efficient network operation
  • Suitable basic technologies, components and subsystems for next generation 100 G Ethernet-based transport systems. New ultra-fast electronic circuits and opto-electronic components will be developed in cooperation with technology partners
  • Suitable optical and electronic equalisation techniques to mitigate dispersion, PMD, non-linearities and bandwidth limitation effects
  • 100Gbps subsystems and integration into a 100Gbps demonstrator system with opto-electronic OTU-4 long-haul transmission interfaces based on DQPSK and linked with the GMPLS controlled Layer 2 packet node
  • Prototype implementation of selected key functions for a 100G packet node with Layer 2 packet transport techniques and integrated GMPLS Control Plane for system experiments in a real network environment with real high-speed applications.
Focus areas
  • Physical layer technologies for NG Ethernet-based transport networks using low cost 100GbE transponders
  • Prototypes to identify the most powerful technology options for 100GbE transport
Expected outcome
The prototypes will be analyzed in 100Gb/s transmission system tests in order to enable to identify the most powerful technology options for next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet products.
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