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100-GET-ES (Sub-Project)

100 Gbit/s Carrier-Grade Ethernet Transport Technologies

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Javier Jiménez
Telefónica I+D
phone: N/A
e-mail: fjjc (at)
Telefonica I+d, ES
Telnet-RI, ES
CTTC – Centro Tecnologico de Telecomunicaciones de Catalunya, ES
University of Malaga, ES
University of Zaragoza, ES

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
October 2007 end 2010 2,270 k€ 33.9 PY CP4-001
The main aim of the will be to validate the end-to-end 100GbE Carrier Ethernet transport, both from an architectural and an experimental perspective.Three main goals can be derived:
1. From a theoretical perspective: Requirements definition, 100G transmission simulation and techno-economic validation of 100Gb Ethernet Transport architectures, including solutions for Packet Transport.

2. From an data plane perspective: Design of key optical components for a coherent photodetector, characterization of optical transceivers, development of a electronically fed 10-100GbE aggregation node and experimental validation of end to end 100GbE transmission.

3. From a control plane perspective: Development of multi-layer and multi-domain control plane solutions, development of a control plane entity for efficiently controlling an access/aggregation node, and experimental validation of the control plane functionalities to manage an integrated
Carrier Ethernet over Optical transport infrastructure.

The experimental test-bed would be composed by the TID IP/MPLS and Carrier Ethernet facilities, an
optical fiber metropolitan ring in Madrid, the ADRENALINE dual-layer GMPLS test-bed, and the developed 10-100 GbE aggregation node.

Focus areas
  • Physical layer technologies for NG Ethernet-based transport networks using low cost 100GbE transponders
  • Prototypes to identify the most powerful technology options for 100GbE transport
Expected outcome
The prototypes will be analyzed in 100Gb/s transmission system tests in order to enable to identify the most powerful technology options for next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet products.
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