Enhanced 5G-Powered Platform for Predictive Preventive Personalized and Participatory Healthcare

Project 5G4PHealth
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: January 2024

End Date: December 2026

Budget (total): 5111.67 K€

Effort:  73.71 PY

Project-ID: C2023/1-19

Project Coordinator

Name: João Dias

Company: Medical Art Center

Country: Portugal

E-mail: joao.dias@medicalartcenter.pt

Project Consortium

Artech International BVBA, Belgium
Seacon Europe, LTD, Hungary
medVC.eu sp. z o.o., Poland
Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poland
Medical Art Center, Portugal
Data Machine Elite, Lda., Portugal
Horus ML, Spain
Karel Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.S., Türkiye
Rasyomed Saglik Bilisim Sistemleri, Türkiye
Kafein Technology Solutions, Türkiye
LegalMatic Dijital Teknolojiler, Türkiye
Brunel University London, UK
University of Essex, UK
Aparito Limited, UK


The 5G4PHealth project aims to develop and implement a 5G-powered platform that enables connected P4-based healthcare services across multiple specialties. The project intends to enhance the value creation of institutions and empower patients through AI-driven intelligent systems, by improving the patient-clinician partnership and patient health literacy and pivoting to value-based care.As mains goals the 5G4PHealth project intends to:1) Address the Posture Evaluation gaps, through the development of an easy to use, objective, portable and low-cost solutions that quantifies gait analysis, enabling the prescription of effective patient-tailored treatments;2) Address the limitations of current AI-driven glaucoma diagnosis by developing an innovative method of early detection, supported by teleconsultation;3) Develop an AI-power based depression management tool for depression that combines multisource data (mobile and wearable) to anticipate future episodes, while providing quantitative data to help of medical decision making process;4) Develop a multi-modal patient emotion recognition system, to interfere the current status of the under-treatment patient;5) Develop an Emotional and Empathetic AI Engine for Healthcare, to create emotionally engaging and empathetic experiences;

6) Develop a white-label Be-In-Be-Out application that can effectively improve the end-to-end patient journey in clinical environments;

7) Develop 5G based context-aware communication protocol which will enable (near)real-time data/video transfer, low-latency and energy-efficient communication links, required in digital healthcare;

8) Implement an IoMT platform that can address the limitations of current platforms regarding device compatibility and security of health information exchange;

9) Develop an electronic Personal Health Record that can provide enhanced usability, security and trust to patient, improving their data control and sovereignty, through a highly interoperable platform that enables multisource data aggregation.

Supported by 5G technology, the 5G4PHealth project will improve the profitability and efficiency of healthcare services, while supporting the digital healthcare shift on a patient-centered way. With a multidisciplinary consortium composed of 16 entities (including tech and healthcare providers, researchers, academia, clinicians, and cybersecurity experts), distributed across 6 European countries (PT, HU, PL, ES, TK, BE, UK), the 5G4PHealth project will improve the profitability and efficiency of healthcare services, while supporting the digital healthcare shift on a patient-centered way.

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