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Agile and Cognitive Radio Development Framework

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Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
September 2013 December 2015 105.8 K€ 101.0 PY CP2012/2-2
Project Coordinator
Gwenael Guilmin
Thales Communications & Security
e-mail: gwenael.guilmin[at]

Project Consortium
Thales Communications & Security France Åbo Akademi University Turku Finland
Teamcast Technology SAS France Turku University of Applied Sciences Finland
Adacsys France University of Turku Finland
Insitut Telecom – Telecom Bretagne (IT-TB) France Teleste Finland
INSA Rennes (IETR) France Satel Finland
Retevision (Abertis Telecom) Spain Qemsoftware Finland
Mier Communications Spain
UBC University of the Basque Country Spain
UPVLC Universitat Politècnica de València Spain
System-on-Chip-engineering S.L Spain
La Salle DTI S.L. (dualStream) Spain

The proposed ACORN (Agile and cognitive software radio development framework) research project focuses on developing a generic framework, which can be used as an agile tool for researching cognitive and software radio systems. The core idea is that any component or element within said generic framework can be flexibly exchanged from HW to SW or vice versa. The basis and central idea for the ACORN was the commercial need in the industry to be able to create products with longer life cycle. At first, it is good to make distinction between consumer electronics targeted for the end users and the professional electronics used and maintained by operators. Traditionally the equipment in the network infrastructure was intended to last several years, if not, tens of years.However, the fast development of technologies, new revisions of different standards and fragmentation of vast amount of different technologies are forcing operators to replace their hardware in rather regular basis. Cognitive radio systems, which are radio systems employing technologies that allows the system to obtain knowledge of environment and dynamically and autonomously adjust its operational parameters, are examples how software defined radio can be used as a tool for optimizing the whole end-to-end chain. Such end-to-end chain spans from end user devices receiving the content to the network equipment providing the source of content. Cognitive technologies may include geo-location databases, spectrum sensing, beacons etc. Hence the cognitive radio is chosen as one of the core subject of investigation in the ACORN project. The ACORN will provide a framework that helps project consortium partners to identify and develop a flexible architecture, which minimizes the use of replaceable HW components and on the contrary maximises the use of flexible and easy-to-update SW components. As an end result there will be energy efficient and green products with a long life cycle.

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