Remote Healthcare Monitoring powered by Network Intelligence and Automation

Project ADA
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: July 2024

End Date: June 2027

Budget (total): 2686 K€

Effort:  23.75 PY

Project-ID: C2023/1-4

Project Coordinator

Name: Erica Yang

Company: Chilton Computing Ltd

Country: United Kingdom


Project Consortium

HiCare, Korea
Hanyan University, Korea
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea
Chilton Computing Ltd, UK
Flying River Ltd, UK
Buckinghamshire New University, UK


ADA focuses on digital transformation of healthcare using 5G and AI, de-risking the adoption of remote healthcare monitoring. Whilst 5G is a powerful enabling technology, its real-world potential in healthcare has not been fully realised. There is an urgent need to demonstrate what 5G and AI can deliver going beyond faster connectivity, higher bandwidth, and more IoT capacity of 5G technology itself.

This project will deliver the ADA healthcare platform, a set of interconnected and 5G-enabled healthcare services that employ AI and automation throughout applications and the network to improve user experience and enhance workforce productivity. We will deliver four business-oriented next-generation remote healthcare monitoring demonstrators built upon the ADA platform across four nations and two continents. These are: 1) personalised care monitoring; 2) multi-party remote physiotherapy; 3) voice-based remote disease diagnosis; and 4) coordinated care for nursing homes.

To deliver this ambitious technology project, we have brought together: a spectrum of technology value chain partners covering 5G (OpenRAN, Edge, 5GSA), Cloud, AI/ML (federated learning, deep learning), security and privacy-preserving data technologies. To maximise its commercial potential in digital healthcare, ADA partners and their networks also cover end-to-end healthcare value chains, including end users (e.g. patients, healthcare professionals), healthcare delivery organisations (e.g. hospitals, care homes), healthcare technology developers and providers.

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