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Aggregation of WLAN Access Resources

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Olivier Marce
Alcatel-Lucent France
e-mail: olivier.marce<at>
Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France, FR
PRISM – University of Versailles, FR
ftw. Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, AT

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
January 2010 November 2011 1.7 M€ 7.9 PY CP6-002

Wireless data networking has become very popular, and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are now widely deployed at private homes. At the same time, European users expect to have access to broadband mobile services at low cost and in a way as easy and intuitive as with GSM. However, deploying new radio systems is expensive and hard to manage in urban environments due to, e.g., site rental contracts or radio emission restrictions. The key idea of the AWARE project is to aggregate privately owned WLANs and to allow telecommunication service actors to exploit this aggregation.AWARE aims at high bandwidth mobile networks in urban areas leveraging on private WLANs, making industry and telecommunication actors ready to deploy their services on top of this new network infrastructure. To achieve this, AWARE will follow three axes of development:

1. Providing a shared infrastructure for reliable seamless mobility including the inter-working with legacy systems to offer a continuous coverage to users.

2. Considering economical models including concepts for new charging and billing mechanisms w.r.t. all involved players and services.

3. Considering the social acceptance and legal aspects of the targeted solution.

The project is planned to run for 30 months: the technical studies and developments are planned for 24 months and the validation of the approach for the last 6 months. The main output will be a comprehensive demonstration of the technical capabilities and economical opportunities of the proposed network infrastructure.

The AWARE consortium gathers industrials, SMEs, research institutes and universities that bring in their skills in network architecture, wireless technologies and exploitation, as well as economical analysis.

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