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Broadband Access Network Integrated Telecommunication System 2

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Oscar Gonzalez de Dios
Telefonica I+D
Telefonica I+D, ES Ericsson AB, SE
Inelcom, ES Lund University, SE
Robotiker, ES Mobile Robotics Sweden AB, SE
FTW, AT Univ. of Basque Country, ES
Ericsson Ireland, IE UpZide Labs, SE
Corrigent Systems, IL

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
Q1/2006 Q4/2008 12.2 MEuro 107 PY CP3-002
BANITS 2 aims to continue extending the knowledge in the area of the Access and Metropolitan Networks started with BANITS 1 project in order to deliver the new service packages to residential and business customers, among them multimedia high quality services, with special focus on maximum utilisation of existing network infrastructure. Such new services are facilitated by the high growth rate of the xDSL/DSLAM infrastructure widely deployed in Europe during the later years and, consequentially, the ever-increasing interest in a better understanding of related implications.It is of paramount importance to find ways to leverage the already deployed SDH and xDSL/DSLAM infrastructure while, at the same time, it is necessary to study evolution scenarios toward a fully multimedia enhanced set of services for residential and business customers. Moreover, BANITS 2 will also focus on new exciting technologies, like PON and VPLS, that are getting very attractive to the Network and Service Operators thanks to the promise of both high available bandwidth and low Operational Cost.

BANITS 2 will, at the same time, emphasize the European scientific, technological and business competencies in Ethernet technologies while leveraging existing infrastructure both at the optical and SDH level to deliver the new Ethernet-based services. BANITS 2 will focus on the optimal architecture for the packet-switched networks (GbE metro, IP/MPLS) using new advanced technologies like RPR while, at the same time, being based on standars. In addition, such approach should maintain legacy services for business customers, mostly based on new SDH-PSN interworking solutions, that will maximize revenue from existing SDH networks.

In order to find ways to a pre-commercial deployment, BANITS 2 proposes to exercise the different solutions covered by the project in a Pan-European Test bed scenario. The Test bed should allow the participants to accumulate experiences about implications and interactions of network solutions, technologies and services in an almost real scenario.

Focus areas
  • Explore ways to extend usability and increase revenue in existing networks through new technological solutions in Access and Metropolitan areas.
  • Develop a full service Test bed enabling multi-service offering to business and residential users, including multimedia services.
  • The Test bed will be geographically distributed, greatly contributing to the Pan European Laboratory (PanLab) infrastructure.
Expected outcome
  • Optimisation for metropolitan area networks, with high resiliency and simplified protocols architecture
  • Access Network based on PON and xDSL for advanced multimedia services
  • Multimedia Services that will exercise the solutions for the different network elements regarding the service attributes as QoS, Performance, dynamic bandwidth provision, scalability and efficient transport
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