Baltic Sea Rim Maritime and Seaport Connectivity

Project BASTA
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: Januar 2018

End Date: December 2020

Budget (total): 5933.2 K€

Effort: 21.45 PY

Project-ID: C2017/3-7

Project Coordinator

Name: Kari Lehtinen

Company: Ukkoverkot

Country: Finland


Project Consortium

Ukkoverkot, Finland


Viprinet Europe GmbH, Germany

Nokia, Finland


In maritime industry, lack of affordable, state-of-the-art broadband connectivity affects businesses, operations, and passengers. Also, the development of new services and infrastructure is hampered by lack of cost efficient wide area connectivity in open sea areas.

The Baltic Sea Rim Maritime and Seaport Connectivity project aims to develop the needed network infrastructure and solutions for smarter maritime logistics, ships, and seaports in the Baltic Sea region. The project will develop scalable real-time broadband and IoT connectivity mobile network for sea areas, seaports, and airspace based on low frequency and low latency connectivity solutions. This work will consist of network development and testing (terrestrial and satellite networks), connectivity integration and optimization of multi-access connections between terrestrial and satellite connections, development and deployment of end-to-end drone solutions for ports and private LTE networks for vessels.

The low frequency radio network will be supported with satellite connections, innovative cell towers further out from a coast line, and capacity aggregating/bonding solution routers. Furthermore, high capacity network layer, through an innovative combination of satellite and network connectivity solutions, will be added to the seaports and certain passenger ferry shipping routes. The project work will allow facilitation for autonomous vessels and intelligent waterways.

The project consortium consisting of SMEs and global large companies brings together critical stakeholders including network operators, vendors, and users, such as shipping companies and seaports. The Baltic Sea is inland sea surrounded by eight European Union countries and Russia. Up to 15% of the world’s cargo traffic is handled in the Baltic Sea making it to one of the busiest maritime areas on earth. There are about 2000 ships in the Baltic marine area at any given moment. High capacity data network covering Baltic Sea enables new digital maritime solutions and will enhance the development of safe, secure, and competitive shipping services.

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