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Building security assurance in open infrastructures, beyond

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Samuel Dubus
Alcatel-Lucent France
e-mail: samuel.dubus(at)
Alcatel-Lucent France, FR Itrust consulting, LU
EADS DS, FR TeliaSonera Sweden, SE
Telecom Paris Tech, FR VTT, FI
Oppida, FR Nethawk, FI
Innovalia Association, ES Uphill, FI
Nextel, ES Nokia Siemens Networks, FI
UPVLC, ES B-Kyung Systems Co. Ltd., Korea
Centre Henri Tudor (CRP-HT), LU

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
November 2008 September 2011 8.8 M€ 77.3 PY CP5-003


The BUGYO project demonstrated use and feasibility of an infrastructure in order to gain confidence about security of Telco based services. BUGYO Beyond will go further by addressing advanced concepts and tools to adapt to evolving and ubiquitous Telco infrastructures. This extension will involve a multi-operator (fixed and mobile) and service providers. BUGYO Beyond will provide means:

  • for enhancing BUGYO operational methodology/system, covering questions like self-developed metrics (in correlation with the normalisation and certification), patterns of metrics, patterns of evaluation, modelling aids (tools, guidelines…).

  • for comparing and exchanging assurance information between different operators including normalisation and standardisation of assurance measures and (aggregated) levels.

  • take into account issues emerging from evolving and ubiquitous infrastructure and address them by dynamic model evolution and (semi-)automatic probe deployment

In order to validate the innovative concepts defined and elaborated during the BUGYO Beyond project ,we propose to implement the Security Assurance Cockpit developed by the project in a Pan-European Test bed scenario involving several operators. The Test bed should allow the participants to accumulate experiences about implications and interactions of network solutions, technologies and services in an almost real scenario, and also to validate the new concepts of assurance profile and dynamicity.

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