Cognitive and Automated Network Operations for Present and Beyond

Project Key Information

Project Status: running

Start Date: January 2022

End Date: December 2024

Budget (total): 4203.35 K€

Effort:  49.18 PY

Project-ID: AI2021/1-1

Project Coordinator

Name: Luis Miguel Mata

Company: Celfinet

Country: Portugal


Project Consortium

Celfinet, Portugal
Detecon International GmbH, Germany
Expleo Germany GmbH, Germany
Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, Germany
ISEP – Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal
IT/IST, Portugal
KocSistem, Türkiye (not active yet)
Tarentum, Türkiye (not active yet)
Turkcell Teknoloji, Türkiye (not active yet)


The objective of this project is to create a novel NOC proactive management solution that will enable the evolution from the current reactive mode of operation towards a proactive and preventive mode. The vision is to predict problems that are going to occur before they impact customer service, providing an integrated view of the issue being solved, performing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to understand and identify what causes triggered the problem and the corresponding recommended resolution. A smart auto-ticketing management system will identify contextual performance degradation and will automatically trigger network regenerative actions after a failure, as for instance opening trouble tickets with the right parameters. Moreover, engineers will have access to dashboards with a comprehensive set of performance indicators providing a full overview of the issues and actions taken.

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