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Converged Multimedia Communication Suite over IMS

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Cécile Batel
FT Orange Labs
e-mail: cecile.batel[at]
France Telecom/Orange Labs, FR Pace France, FR
Telefonica I+D, ES Software Quality Systems, ES
Acision, NL Movial, FI
Italtel, IT University of Delft, NL

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
July 2009 December 2011 8046 k€ 74.4 PY CP6-003

Celtic has funded project Celtic/MaCS in its 1st call, which can be considered as the version 1.0 of SIP based communication suites. This contributed to give birth to the Rich Communication Suite, a current initiative involving several operators and device & network equipment providers. The present project proposal is a contribution to what will latter be recognized as the version 2.0 of the SIP-based communication suite. This project will leverage OMA CPM (Converged IP Messaging) and associated OMA CAB (Converged Address Book) currently being specified in OMA, extend it and implement it on a pan European Lab involving several operators and providers. OMA has started working on a new experience of communication: OMA-CPM: Converged IP Messaging. The Rich Communication Suite mentioned above is a packaging of what can be done before CPM is there. CPM largely builds on these blocks, consolidates them, and extends them towards a real multimedia experience. CPM removes the silos and integrates everything together (Integrated Communication Concept). This Celtic proposal will:

  • Identify a set of innovative services taking advantage of the OMA-CPM
  • leverage current CPM and CAB initial specifications,
  • extend them according to partner needs,
  • include UPnP device in the communication services,
  • implement them in an integrated framework within a pan European Lab involving several operators and providers.
  • contribute to the enhancement of the OMA-CPM standard

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