Communications Enabled, AI/ML based Digital Twins for Smart city Logistics and Last Mile applications

Project COMET
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: January 2024

End Date: December 2026

Budget (total): 5280 K€

Effort:  66.3 PY

Project-ID: C2023/1-6

Project Coordinator

Name: Eli Tocker

Company: ECITelecom

Country: Israel


Project Consortium

ECITelecom, Israel
Ericsson Turkey, Türkiye
Türk Telekommunikasyon A.S., Türkiye
Adesso, Türkiye
HepsiJet, Türkiye
Smartiks, Türkiye
SolidICT, Türkiye
Brunel University London, UK
Ranplan Wireless, UK
BEIA Consult International S.R.L, Romania


The vision and objective of COMET is to offer an innovative and comprehensive, Digital Twins based solution for managing the Smart City Logistics Infrastructure, enabled by 6G communications, allowing a much better quality of life and improving socio-economics, through enhanced remote monitoring, using an AI/ML based platform, integrated with 6G technologies, and as a result, improving the public daily life for citizens in smart cities.

Multiple technologies, such as wireless communications and optical networking, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be used, based on feasible use cases, including Last mile, Smart warehousing and networking Digital Twins based monitoring for making accurate decisions and predicting risks against transmission interruptions and failures. The use cases include integration of a Last mile logistics monitoring platform with various sensors to monitor the related behavioural data from various locations.

From a research perspective, COMET aims to bring together Digital Twins modelling, data processing, AI/ML and communication techniques.  Wireless communications and Optical networking are key enablers that integrate data processing and artificial intelligence algorithms within communication, 6G networking and Last mile domains to increase the system reliability.  COMET use cases will provide continuous monitoring of the networks through multivariate analysis, fast response, and action to Logistics, Last mile interruptions and deterioration.  Big data collection from multiple measurements from sensors, together with intra-network monitoring capabilities require real-time, fast and intelligent data processing techniques, while providing highly reliable and secure communications.

In the years to come, the reliability and security of Smart City Communications will play an increasing role in the Quality of life of the citizens.  Many daily-life use cases will be served and therefore, the requirements in the connectivity frontier, together with the internet of things (IoT) paradigm (almost any object is networked wirelessly), put a heavy burden on the infrastructure and technologies to be used. Expected outcomes rely on providing truly massive connectivity that necessitates the joint operation of many technologies, supporting speed, reliability, security, and privacy.  COMET aims to provide a sophisticated infrastructure for advanced services and applications for citizens in smart cities with highly promising secure and private connectivity.

The COMET project will combine expertise from various industry disciplines (Communications, AI/ML and Data analysis), all collaborating to provide a breakthrough solution to address the Smart City Logistics use cases.

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