Co-operative Mobility Services of the Future

Project Key Information

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: 1 July 2012

End Date: 30 June 2015

Budget (total): 9162.75 K€

Effort: 94.54 PY

Project-ID: CPP2011/2-2

Project Coordinator

Name: Pekka Eloranta

Company: Mobisoft Oy

Country: Finland


Project Consortium

Mobisoft Oy, Finland

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland

InfoTripla Oy, Finland

Taipale Telematics, Finland

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

Centria, Finland

UTC CNRS Heudiasyc, France

Viveris Technologies, France

Thales Communications & Security, France

Ubridge Co Ltd, Korea

Centre Henri Tudor (CRP-HT), Luxembourg

Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications (EPT), Luxembourg

HITEC, Luxembourg

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN), Romania

ARomaniaBS Transilvania Software, Romania

CBT, Communication & Multimedia, S.L, Spain

Innovalia Association, Spain

Ángel Iglesias, S.A. (IKUSI), Spain

ISBAK A.S., Turkey

KocSistem, Turkey

Otokar, Turkey


CoMoSeF creates co-operative mobility solutions, devices & applications; feasible for large scale deployment and supporting the ITS Action Plan and national ITS strategies. It brings existing and emerging sensors, services & communication solutions closer to market and creates the business models needed. One such issue is vehicle-bus (e.g. CAN) as a data source. CoMoSeF will concentrate on:

  • Back-end applications, road side units, sensors etc. to support drivers decisions.

  • Interactive road side units with information screens, that present individual data to vehicles.

  • Research and development of geo-casting delivery software and a Local Dynamic Map database to store and maintain information collected from the environment of ITS Station in its vicinity. *Data fusion, taking into account the environmental perception data available.

  • Smart-HMI solution to show and adapt messages for drivers.

  • Construction of a simulation system to prove a large-scale view of the entire communication system with diagnostic tools.

The environment will provide reliable and exhaustive simulations. Some CoMoSeF services already may have been implemented (in luxury cars). CoMoSeF concentrates on nomadic devices with cost-effective services, that are easy to implement and deploy in all vehicles: 
1. Accurate and reliable road weather information, warnings & forecasts (including fog warnings). 
2. Analysing & forecasting road surface condition, weather, air quality, and warning of poor sections. 
3. Comparing the vehicle speed to current road specific speed limits, speeding warnings 
4. Safety margin warnings 
5. Friction monitoring & forecasting. 
6. Fog vision detection and driver visibility improvement system 
7. Driver behaviour detection 
8. In-vehicle Human-Machine-Interface 
9. Intelligent road side units with tailored information screen based on vehicle profile and needs.

One of the ideas is to develop and deploy Road Weather Testbeds with advanced communication applications in interesting environments to test wireless networks and communications.

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