Cyber-security in the Wireless Industrial use cases

Project CyberWI
Project Key Information

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: February 2016

End Date: December 2018

Budget (total): 4040 K€

Effort: 46.8 PY

Project-ID: C2014/2-9

Project Coordinator

Name: Harold Linke

Company: HITEC

Country: Luxembourg


Project Consortium

HITEC, Luxembourg
Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Finland
Rugged Tooling Oy, Finland
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
Silverskin Information Security Oy, Finland
City of Oulu, Finland
Elektro-Arola, Finland
Dynniq Oy, Finland
Suomen Virveverkko Oy, Finland
SICS Swedish ICT AB, Sweden
q2d Solutions AB, Sweden
Ericsson AB (EAB), Sweden
Elektroniksystem i Umeå AB, Sweden


The CyberWI project proposes to work on security solutions that integrate seamlessly over different infrastructures such as Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks and Mobile technologies. The goal is to enable the Industrial Internet, where even small companies can easily deploy secure services operating across different infrastructures.

CyberWI will achieve this goals by first gathering security use cases and requirements from a broad range of industrial partners and application scenarios, such as building automation, industrial control systems, traffic applications, health care, and banking services.
Based on these use cases and requirements, the project will work on intrusion detection, encrypted databases, authentication and access control, secure data transfer, and security testing tools for the different target infrastructures. Furthermore the project will work on how to seamlessly integrate such services across the different infrastructures.

In order to ensure that the obtained results work in a production environment, demonstrators and test beds will be implemented and publicly presented.
Finally the results of this project work will be disseminated through workshops and publications, as well as international standardization. A business exploitation plan and related market research will ensure that the project results are optimally used in practice.

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