E-health services Everywhere and for Everybody

Project Key Information

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: December 2014

End Date: June 2018

Budget (total): 5112 K€

Effort: 66.69 PY

Project-ID: C2013/2-4

Project Coordinator

Name: Oscar Chabrera Villarreal

Company: ViLynx Spain S.L.U.

Country: Spain

E-mail: oscar@vilynx.com

Project Consortium

ViLynx Spain S.L.U., Spain

Calboquer S.L., Spain


SeniorSome Oy, Finland

eHOIVA Palveluverkko Oy, Finland

Institut Mines Télécom, France

Université de Lorraine, France

Vitec Multimedia, France

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poland

Galaksiya Bilisim Teknolojileri, Turkey

SoSoft, Turkey

Vestel Electronics, Turkey


E3 aims to design an E2E platform able to allow everybody (provide low cost high quality video conference & e-health services reusing in-home infrastructures) access to e-health services everywhere (both rural & urban areas, both Patients & Professionals).

E3 is a cross domain project with a strong user representation. Leading edge technical competence in human-computer interaction, communication systems & video conference technology is provided by the associated universities/research centres. The industrial representation includes specialised equipment manufacturers & communication operators with experience in providing services in the e-health sector via healthcare networks & households city networks.

E3 exploits & extends the results from CELTIC projects HDVIPER “High Definition Videoconferencing over IP EnviRonment” in terms of video confering and HIPERMED “HIgh PERformance teleMEDicine platform” in terms of telemedicine SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) platform over IP (Internet Protocol).

E3 focus on 3 main scenarios:

  1. Professional to Professional (will contribute to facilitate crucial collaboration between doctors for maintaining an increasing expertise & then ensuring a high quality of care for everybody everywhere),
  2. Professional to Patient (working 3 main areas):
    a) Design, implement & demonstrate prototypes of applications supported by the platform integrating new e-health services into a unified user interface based on Smart TV, Mobile and Virtual Wall.
    b) Move current e-health services from the health care centre to the Patients’ home & Remote doctor office without losing quality.
    c) Add a secure reliable residential gateway with support for monitoring the network connection between the hospital & patient’s home.
  3. Patient to Patient Scenario will allow to intercommunicate among them and with their friends & relatives using the E3 video conference solution.

WP2 will create a common technological platform fulfilling the requirements of these scenarios, providing extended high definition videoconferencing services at a reduce cost, & will focus on mobile & home devices.

The expected impact is improved productivity based on both lower services costs and higher productivity per doctor in the healthcare chains affected, new products from equipment manufacturers, new e-health applications, increasing traffic volumes and a better utilization of the communication infrastructure due to resource sharing.

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