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Enabling Community Communications-Platforms and Applications

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Enrique Menduina
Telefonica I+D
efmm (at)
Alcatel, BE France Telecom, FR
Androme, BE Thompson R&D, FR
K.U. Leuven, BE Ikerland, ES
Elisa, FI Telefonica I+D, ES
Nokia, FI Telvent, ES
University of Art & Design, FI

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
April 2004 December 2006 8.6 MEuro 87.2 PY CP1-004
The EnComPAs (Enabling Community Communications – Platforms and Applications) project will enable the creation of a system and converged residential services suite, that will lay the infrastructure for new consumer’s experiences and new Telco operator’s revenues. This area seems to be a future market that will generate new revenue streams (as revenue sharing) and enable Europeans companies to assume a leadership position. By distributing services throughout the home (fast and shared Internet access, multimedia content, remote control and access, home automation, and home security/safety), it aims at supporting the communication needs of the many social communities in which each member of the household takes part (school, colleagues, hobbies, friends, family…).

Regarding the infrastructure, the system will be implemented through a standard based residential gateway, as key home based interconnection and integration device, different home terminals (PC, TV and maybe wireless and mobile devices) and home management platform. This platform will follow a layered approach taking care of network, service level, multimedia applications and content management. The goal is to built an end-to-end system from the users to the service and content providers.

Furthermore, the socio-cultural factors and end-user aspects that are the key to the success of applications will be one cornerstone element of the project, allowing to identify, develop and deploy attractive applications, that take advantage of the potential of new multimedia services beyond the “Triple Play”, combining voice, video and data. Initially, the private media sharing and home surveillance application domains are addressed.

The integration and validation (technical, social…) of the infrastructure and services will be performed through a Pan-European laboratory, user experiences and Field trials.

The proposed project is applicable to residential customers, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and 3rd party application vendors that will develop services (complementary with the ones developed in EnComPas) by using the system’s open and standard APIs.

Focus areas
This platform follows a layered approach for:
– network management
– service provisioning (by service aggregator) and
– multimedia content provider management (by application server platform)
Expected outcome
  • Remote home network management, including
    – configuration of the homes devices
  • Implementation of the service aggregator model
    – supporting multiple service providers
  • Content management
    – including multimedia aspects
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