Privacy-preserving data mining processing and sharing

project ENGAGE
Project Key Information

Project Status: cancelled

Start Date: September 2018

End Date: August 2021

Budget (total): 5186 K€

Effort:  67.8 PY

Project-ID: 2017/1-3

Project Coordinator

Name: Engin Zeydan

Company: Türk Telekommunikasyon A.S.

Country: Turkey


Project Consortium

Türk Telekommunikasyon A.S., Turkey

NETAS Telecommunications A.S., Turkey

Ericsson Arastirma Gelistirme ve Bilisim Hiz. A.S., Turkey

Kuveyt Türk, Turkey

Barco NV, Belgium

Sirris, Belgium

ITP Agency NV, Belgium

Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP/GECAD), Portugal

LOqR, Portugal

WareValley, Korea


ENGAGE project will design and develop a “privacy preserving data mining, processing and sharing” framework for secure and privacy preserving business and data analytics. By integrating the innovative privacy preserving techniques into the existing network and data analytic platform solutions, ENGAGE platform will provide solutions for the challenges of today’s businesses in terms of data privacy, data processing and data protection.ENGAGE project aims to develop new techniques, tools and methods to analyze sensitive data while preserving the privacy of the users. More specifically, the ambition of the project is to enhance the added value of data for the businesses while considering the “data privacy – data utility” balance issues, to improve interoperability of data exchange across European institutions and partner countries, to increase cyber-security and privacy-preserving capabilities against new vulnerabilities and threats to which industrial businesses are exposed to and to bridge the gap between the data owners (businesses, industries) and data researchers (research institutions, universities) with novel privacy preserving techniques to be influential in both industry and research institutions as a new mechanism of choice for long term secure data processing/sharing.
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