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Jesus Alonso
e-mail: jesus.alonso[at]
Alvarion, ES Embou, ES
Telefonica I+D, ES MailVision, IL
Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon, ES Druid Software, IE
Alvarion, RO WIT – TSSG, IS

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
March 2009 April 2011 4698 k€ 80.2 PY CP6-007


The GenesisX project aims to build on the work undertaken on the previous project (GENESIS) by adding mobility enablers on top of the service and deployment platform. In addition, the platform will be capable of serving advanced Web-integrated multimedia services over an all IP network with fixed and wireless access lines. The platform will be developed following IMS/NGN architectures and the customers will access all provided services from wired and wireless access networks, including mobility. End-user devices will be integrated with the platform providing advanced features, including web integration. Services will include video-conferencing, with easy access through the web, running on top of fixed and mobile terminals, with guaranteed QoS. In situations where it is not possible for users to directly access the GenesisX network the project will explore alternative access through technologies such as ad hoc networking, including P2P. These networks will combine capabilities and characteristics of P2P networks and Mobility. The main focus in this research will be to explore services to mobile users on a P2P network or “instant” network created when the user accesses a social network group or a close environment isolated from the Internet. The new services will then be tested and validated in wired high-speed lines and wireless access networks with mobile broadband technology. GenesisX will also provide a deployment scenario and a field trial with real users. Finally, GenesisX will serve as a prototype for development, validation and execution of converged services, ad hoc networking and advanced Web-integrated multimedia services all of them accessible from wireless and wired access networks and devices.

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