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Carolina Benito Lahuerta
Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon – ITA
e-mail: cbenito(at)
InAccess Networks, GR Arantia 2010 SL, ES
Telefonica I+D, ES Gigle Semiconductors Spain, ES
Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon, ES Vestel Electronics, TR
WARP Networks S.L., ES Ucopia, FR
iSOCO, ES Ethertrust, FR

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
November 2009 December 2011 4662 k€ 79.3 PY CP6-008


Nowadays, huge R&D efforts are running on the re-invention of the Internet so that it is able to cope with future challenges, like the viral growth in the number of connected users, devices, services and user-generated contents. For these efforts to succeed, network management needs to cross the boundary of the NTU (Network Termination Unit) to manage the new devices that appear in the home network. GENIO will define the home network of the future, focusing in the following main areas:

Converged remote management and advanced self-management of the home network. The main existent standards in the area (e.g. TR-069, OMA-DM, UPnP/DLNA), and the work of other bodies (e.g. HGI) or projects (e.g. Encompas2) will be taken by GENIO to develop solutions able to manage all this complexity in an access technology-unaware way. On the other hand, high OPEX is one of the biggest problems today for operators and service providers in the home environment, because it is very difficult to know what devices are present in the home network, their interactions, and how can the Quality of Service (QoS) be affected. GENIO will apply autonomic technologies aiming at maximising home network automation and intelligence to deal with events and alarms that may arise.

Ubiquitous access to home contents. Main aspects to be tackled by GENIO are the access to content from everywhere (regardless of the device and its location – at home or outside), unified and efficient catalogue of the contents available at home, and high data rate and low power consumption transmission technologies in home environment.

Personalization. GENIO will work on subscription identification solutions for device configuration personalization, so that users are able to carry their home with them using the same authentication mechanism (e.g. a single SIM card) in any Home Gateway, giving support to the concept “My home moves with me”. It will also work in a User Profile Management system that will be used by different services in the home so that these services can be personalized to the user’s needs and preferences.

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