Vision-based Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles

Project Gulo Gulo
Project Key Information

Project Status: cancelled

Start Date: July 2020

End Date: June 2023

Budget (total): 3769 K€

Effort:  45 PY

Project-ID: C2020/1-4

Project Coordinator

Name: Mohamed Elhabiby

Company: Micro Engineering Tech. Inc.

Country: Canada


Project Consortium

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Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI) introduces Gulo Gulo solution to be the way an autonomous vehicle can improve their navigation and awareness during autonomous operation leveraging number of navigation solutions. These solutions are INS only solution, INS/Camera/LIDAR Solution and INS with Radar solution for areas where there is no GNSS available. The solution will be aided with AI-HD mapping to increase the accuracy of the navigation solution while using low cost sensors. Gulo Gulo solution will be an essential tool to achieve true level-4 autonomy. Our positioning module is a firmware that’s easy to integrate into current autonomous driving software architectures. The solution will leverage the current commercial sensors that are used in the automotive industry. The solutions will be boarded on recent innovations in computational prowess using GPUs on the vehicle or through the cloud using the future 5G technologies in order to achieve the next generation of autonomous vehicles navigation systems. Being 5G ready this will pave the way to deep integration with IoT transportation decision making systems.

Gulo Gulo solutions will be an integration between the perception module of an autonomous vehicle and the navigation module. It will take as input 2D stream of real-time images and rely on the AI-HD mapping database of the same environment. Image matching techniques will estimate an accurate position of the vehicle to aid the navigation Kalman filter with it. The firmware will be open for integration on commercially used hardware in automotive industry.
Gulo Gulo solutions serves the automotive and logistics industry, especially automotive companies using or producing autonomous navigation systems to be used on their vehicles. Our software solution will serve as the secret ingredient for Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in order to introduce real autonomous driving experience at a lower cost than ever before. Autonomous car navigation systems manufacturers will depend on Gulo Gulo to penetrate the market and compete at lower range of prices. Even classical car manufacturers will be able to transform their vehicles using only low-cost camera and INS solutions in order to offer their customers a level-3 autonomous experience.
The current autonomous navigation market centralizes around real-time LiDAR and GNSS positioning solutions, but Gulo Gulo is offering a relief of the cost and computational barriers that prevent current systems from being faster, safer, and more reliable than conventional positioning systems.


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