Intelligent Dynamic Integrated Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Project IDIMRO
Project Key Information

Project Status: cancelled

Start Date: March 2017

End Date: August 2019

Budget (total): 2235 K€

Effort:  27.7 PY

Project-ID: 2016/3-2

Project Coordinator

Name: Nejdet Pamuk

Company: ICRON Technologies B.V.

Country: Netherlands


Project Consortium

ICRON Technologies, Netherlands

VDL ETS BV, Netherlands

Sycada, Netherlands

Vadafone Ziggo, Netherlands

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

MODEL Business Solutions, Turkey

Korgün Software, Turkey

Icron Technologies Turkey, Turkey


This is a Supply Chain Management Planning, Scheduling and Optimization project including embedded ERP, Mobile and Execution functions for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul companies (Aviation, Public transportation and Utilities).

The project is “intelligent” which means the project includes Decision Support with the resource constraints (material/equipment requirement, human resource requirement and production function/machine problem); “dynamic” which means the project includes preparing plans according to instantaneous  changes of priorities of existing conditions and “integrated” which means it includes engine maintenance, warehouse management, strategic planning, work force management system,  Multiple ERPs., Mobile & web connectivity.

The project aims at producing a business plan for solution platform devoted to optimize the MRO plans and operations. The benefits of the project are:

  1. Increasing transportation service and reducing the cost of Maintenance and Repair of Public Transportation Vehicles and infrastructure,
  2. Preventive, dynamic maintenance which means more vehicles in continuous public service and transportation;
  3. Cloud based advanced technology, using in memory processing for intelligent and adaptive Planning, Scheduling & Optimization of maintenance, repair and overhaul strategies, tactics and operations.

The direct savings of the project can be listed as follows; lower maintenance costs, reduce requirement for the workforce, 7-10% reduction on the number of spare vehicles required, reduction in out-of-service durations of vehicles, 15-30% reduction in material inventory levels, 30-40% improvement in efficiency and improvement in meeting the SLA requirements.

Originality of the project lies in sequencing, scheduling, optimization and scenario planning for resource allocation and usage. Moreover, cloud and mobile applications will provide control and management of maintenance in operational, tactical and strategic levels.

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