Semantic Based Intelligent Entertainment Activity Planner

Project Key Information

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: 1 December 2012

End Date: 30 June 2015

Budget (total): 1244.347 K€

Effort: 21.825 PY

Project-ID: CPP2011/1-1

Project Coordinator

Name: Marcos Rubio

Company: Ingeneria y Control Electrónico S.A.

Country: Spain


Project Consortium

Gravity R&D Kft, Hungary


Ingenieria y Control Electrónico S.A., Spain


MAGICIAN project will build a semantic based intelligent recommender system to improve end user‟s quality of leisure and entertainment experience. By gathering leisure and entertainment domain specific real and non-real time information from multiple sources and making intelligent recommendations based on user/group profiles, MAGICIAN will feature significant improvements over today‟s solutions, which are mainly providing static and non-personalized information. To achieve this, MAGICIAN will make extensive use of semantic technologies to represent the collected information and user profiles using a domain specific ontology which will be used for recommendations.

Advancing the current solutions further, MAGICIAN will also offer group activity recommendations based on the profiles and constraints of each group member as well as help end users organize a group activity. Last but not least, MAGICIAN will build an optimized planner which can schedule a series of recommended activities for end users and groups to get the most out of their limited leisure time. In addition to these, an increased level of trust and associated information security supporting individual privacy will be MAGICIAN‟s one of the top design criteria while capturing, storing and profiling the user data.

Besides improving the end users quality of leisure and entertainment experience, MAGICIAN will also define generic enablers that can be used as the building blocks for new services in the sector. These enablers will help service providers to rapidly develop new and innovative services, which in turn will mean new business opportunities for the sector.

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