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Management of the Outer Edge

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Gabriel Hogan
L.M. Ericsson Ltd.
e-mail: gabriel.hogan<at>
L.M. Ericsson Ltd., IE Data Ductus, SE
WIT – TSSG, IE Vestel Electronics, TR
Telefonica I+D, ES Siemens AG, AT
GMV-SGI, ES University of Evry, FR
Blusens, ES University of Ottawa, Canada

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
September 2008 February 2011 4.7 M€ 39.3 PY CP5-012


Magneto has the goal of adding a new level of service assurance and network management support to the “outer edge” domain i.e. the point of attachment of home area networks and other restricted area networks to the telecommunication infrastructure.
Magneto aims to develop an innovative distributed management framework and service management approach that will enable integrated service and network management for outer edge devices in emerging networks. The framework will provide a means to incorporate the management of home networks into telecommunication service provider management systems to provide end to end service management. The framework will also provide a means to organise the management systems to scale to deal with anticipated expansion into millions of connected outer edge networks using an autonomic approach to self management. This will enable self configuration of devices and autonomic handling of assurance issues relating to the operation of services once services have been deployed. The framework will also serve as a basis for providing cross cutting security for home networks. Magneto will investigate novel approaches to service and network management to help operators meet the challenges outlined above. In particular Magneto primarily focuses on the sub areas of Service assurance and Network management support for outer edge device self management. Additionally Magneto will consider, in a limited manner the Network management support for deployment of innovative user to user type services outlined above. Magneto will pursue a ‘zero touch’ approach i.e. human intervention will be limited to the minimum possible through the use of intelligent systems and process automation. Inherent in such an approach is a greatly increased emphasis on security and Magneto will adopt an end-to-end approach to incorporating security in all aspects of the system. From a research perspective Magneto will adopt an access network neutral approach and will in particular consider aspects of fixed and mobile networks.

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