Massive IoT over High Density LoRaWan Networks

Project Key Information

Project Status: cancelled in set-up

Start Date: January 2022

End Date: December 2024

Budget (total): 9192.85 K€

Effort:  96.52 PY

Project-ID: C2021/1-5

Project Coordinator

Name: Ivan Pretel

Company: Fonlabs S.L

Country: Spain


Project Consortium

Fonlabs, Spain
Loriot, Spain
ARD Group, Turkey
Arçelik A.Ş., Turkey
Barsarsoft A.S., Turkey
Netcad A.S., Turkey
Vestel Electronics, Turkey
Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), Sweden
Umea University, Sweden
Sensative AB, Sweden
Assured AB, Sweden
Pingday AB, Sweden
Umea Energi AB, Sweden
Fortiss, Germany
Bernard Gruppe, Germany
Huawei Technologies Dusseldorf GmbH, Germany
Inova DE GmbH, Germany
University of Göttingen, Germany


Wireless IoT connectivity has been growing due to the capability to support a large number of IoT devices and long distances. LPWAN (Low power wide Area Network)are one of the major non-cellular forms to support applications in the scope of Smart Cities, Industrial applications, Smart Homes, etc. LoRa®/LoRaWAN® is one of the leading LPWAN solutions that is growing and developing faster.

MASSLORA explores dense LoRaWAN® network and dense deployments associated. Dense deployment of LoRaWAN® devices raises new challenges, like spectrum congestion. These devices, residing on the edge, bring in new requirements in terms of data; can be mobile; bring in interference and increase security problems. The support of such deployments requires multi-gateway intelligent coordination and massive orchestration and management techniques.

The project is focused on the development of novel services based on dense LoRaWAN® deployments and on the development of new business models.

MASSLORA key assets are:

  1. Spectrum management with a higher degree of automation in terms of dense LoRaWAN® deployment;
  2. Improved provisioning for mass deployment;
  3. Improved security for LoRaWAN® networks needs;
  4. Smart analytics services integrated into a Cloud-Edge platform, of which a few examples include: smart geo-location and monitoring;
  5. Adaptation of hardware to massive deployments;
  6. Demonstrations in 8 use cases in 3 key scenarios ( Smart Cities, Smart building and Smart Industry));
  7. Proof-of-concept implementation of the overall management and smart analytics platform;
  8. Novel services and business for Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Home.

MASSLORA developments will be integrated in one LoRaWAN® network cloud controller that will orchestrate all the services together and connect among them. This cloud controller will be key in the market because it will be integrated in all gateways in the future if they want to have a stable network.


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