Next Generation Multimedia Efficient, Scalable and robust delivery

Project Key Information

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: December 2013

End Date: September 2016

Budget (total): 3345 K€

Effort: 51.4 PY

Project-ID: C2012/1-5

Project Coordinator

Name: Piotr Pawałowski

Company: PSNC – Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center

Country: Poland


Project Consortium

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poland

AGH – University of Science and Technology, Poland

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

TeamNet World Professional Services, Romania

Autonomous Systems S.R.L., Romania


ADTEL Sistemas de Telecomunicacion S.L., Spain

Arantia, Spain

Embou, Spain

Argela, Turkey

C2TECH (C Tech Bilisim Tek. Tic. Ve San. A.S.), Turkey


The objective of MITSU (next generation MultImedia efficienT, Scalable and robUst Delivery) is to study and develop the next generation of multimedia streaming systems to be used over wireless networks. Market opportunities and pressure are pushing toward a very fast deployment of video solutions that are not interoperable together and that imply an increasing processing complexity. Video systems are entering into a new age where contents will have to be delivered to the user whatever the device or network he/she is using (i.e. with the network he/she is also currently connected to). While considering state of the art technologies in that field, MITSU intends to study and implement this video interoperability while minimising complexity and power consumption.

Heterogeneous wireless environment, increases requests for retransmissions increasing bandwidth and energy and also creating inherent congestion on the network. New video consumption mode relying upon the use of smartphones and tablets have introduced new protocols (HTTP streaming), not interoperable between them and increasing the issue of data retransmission. New video codecs are also under development, providing more compression efficiency with increased complexity or targeting low complexity.

MITSU will handle all of these evolution to propose robust, efficient and interoperable video streaming solution by studying and implementing the following key elements:

  • MPEG HEVC video codec and its competitors

  • Video streaming protocols and format interoperability

  • Video transcoding and transrating

  • Video quality metrics and probes

  • Robustness enhancement

  • Context aware video streaming adaptation

  • Management of heterogeneous networks Cross-layer optimisation

  • Privacy, security and content protection

  • Latest generation of mobile phone communication system (4G) Multimedia and security application use cases implementation

  • Field trials

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