Managing security and Safety Risk At Mass Gatherings

Project MRS_AMG
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: May 2024

End Date: April 2026

Budget (total): 996 K€

Effort:  10.9 PY

Project-ID: C2023/2-15

Project Coordinator

Name: Paul Cooper

Company: Zeetta Networks

Country: UK


Project Consortium

Zeetta Networks, UK
Druid Software, Ireland


Mass gathering events present both localised and regional systemic risks. Public event spaces have grown larger and shortly will become more technically immersive for performers, their hosts and customers. These emerging use cases will demand connectivity tuned for each application and require a network that can adapt to different traffic profiles. User-initiated selection of network connectivity (e.g. connecting to local Wi-Fi) needs to evolve such that end users are automatically connected with the best connections to support their needs. Sadly, when something goes wrong, today’s “always connected” generation will become aware often ahead of the emergency services, and the immediacy of consumer reporting can both help and hinder incident management.

Gatherings might include

  • sports and esports events,
  • music and digitally immersive festivals.

Risks to manage include

  • malicious activities such as bombings, shootings, stabbings and other attack-based events
  • re incidents, power outages, weather events,
  • people traffic flow issues such as crush and pinch points, and,
  • telecommunication system overload during an incident.

Systems that would benefit from advanced management

  • telecommunications traffic management for optimal user experience,
  • basic hygiene and toilet availability,
  • point of sale traffic e.g. queue management at critical times, and,
  • safe access and egress for both able and less able-bodied people.

This project will develop methods to manage people and telecommunication traffic during mass gatherings using geographical location, sensors, and neutral hosting to optimally manage user experience, and safety, during a. normal operations and b. throughout a critical incident.

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