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Quality of Real Time Applications End-to-end over Heterogeneous Domains

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Antonio Sanchez
Telefonica I+D
e-mail: ajse (at)
Lake Communications, IE
Instituto Tecno. Aragon, ES
Telefonica I+D, ES
Universidad de Valladolid, ES
Psytechnics, UK

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
July 2004 September 2006 2.5 MEuro 32 PY CP1-010


QUAR2 project performs the necessary research, development and validation of a system that can provide the long desired, yet hard to achieve, Toll-quality voice and video service over heterogeneous IP networks (V2oIP), and over heterogeneous network environment, focused on the access network. This will allow to offer audio-video services at low prices while spanning over the whole European continent and beyond, despite the heterogeneity of its communications infrastructure. The QUAR2 project is in line with the on-going effort of smooth migration from circuit-switch based networks to packet-based networks and services while maintaining carrier-class quality of service. QUAR2 will provide an innovative, yet practical, solution for the assurance of QoS for real time application at Control level layer, even over existing IP networks, providing opportunities for maximizing the investment returns, increasing the QoS performance of actual networks in the short-medium term. Furthermore the solution is well-matched with other standard and future QoS network initiatives.

Focus areas
  • New standard system to provide HQ Voice and Video services over IP networks (V2oIP)
  • QoS platform for heterogeneous IP network environments

Expected outcome
  • Building blocks and open platform integration with guarantee QoS
  • Traffic analysis and network planning simulation for a traffic prediction algorithm
  • Objective quality measurements for voice and video to verify e2e QoS on dynamic network management
  • Demonstrator integration

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