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Quality of Experience Estimators in Networks


Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
September 2011 December 2014 10896 k€ 115.3 PY CP08-010
Project Coordinator
Frédéric Guyard
Orange Labs / France Telecom
e-mail: frederic.guyard[at]
Project Consortium
France Telecom France VTT Finland
BTH – Blekinge Tekniska Högskola Sweden Rugged Tooling Oy Finland
Embou Spain INDRA sistemas (SA) Spain
ftw. Telecommunications Research Center Vienna Austria Telnet Redes Inteligentes Spain
iMinds (former IBBT, Uni. Ghent) Belgium UniZG – University of Zagreb Croatia
Info24 Sweden Telenor Sweden AB Sweden
INRIA France TCO Development AB Sweden
IP-Label Newtest France Volvo Car Corporation Sweden
Hiberus Spain University of Vienna Austria
Technical University Berlin Germany

The project aims at producing multiservice Quality of Experience (QoE) estimator agents representing a human user. The estimators will be based on models of human perception and upon service discovery, trained progressively from the best-fitted current profile for that service. Each individual agent will communicate with other user agents through the network, exchanging profile information so that services and applications could adapt to both-end preferences and expectations on a peer-to-peer basis. Also, by participating in the agent’s network, the service provider can obtain QoE-relevant user information (by groups or individuals) so as to be able to adapt the resource provisioning from the network and thus optimize both the user experience and the cost of operation (e.g. in a cloud paradigm: the amount of computing resources, the bandwidth allocated to a particular service for a user or group of users, the physical resource location, etc.) By having a good estimation of user perception, the cloud can also better define the objectives of the service being provided, and translate them to the more technical objectives of the service components that need to be provisioned. Also, evolved Service Level Agreements (SLA) can be defined in terms of this QoE so that both the provider and the user have a better way of following up and measuring if the objectives are being met. The project is organized as follows:

  • Developing the individual QoE estimator agents, including the human perception models, the service models and the subjective test methodology,

  • Interconnecting QoE estimators,

  • Defining the new business models and enablers, including the service infrastructure, the use cases, SLA and service monitoring, and operating support systems,

  • Defining and building proof of concepts, from the individual QoE estimators to the QoE estimators agents communication, and validate them with user pilot programs in experimental as well as real operational situations.

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