Trustworthy situation awareness for mobility and traffic related Cyber-Physical Systems

Project RES4CPS
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: October 2021

End Date: September 2024

Budget (total): 6400.03 K€

Effort:  53.42 PY

Project-ID: C2020/2-1

Project Coordinator

Name: Juhani Latvakoski

Company: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Country: Finland


Project Consortium

Nodeon Finland Oy, Finland
Posti Oy,
Tampere City,
Telia Finland Oyj, Finland
Vantaa City,
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Finland
Ericsson AB (EAB),
Lund University , Sweden
Now Electronics,
T2Data, Sweden


The global trends related to urbanization, digitalization, electrification and need for sustainability are leading towards challenges in the mobility and traffic sectors. Increased need for smart services such as traffic management, surveillance of properties and ground, new logistics solutions etc. with advanced security and safety communication and trustworthy information sharing have been detected. The aim of Trustworthy situation awareness for mobility and traffic related Cyber-Physical Systems (Res4CPS) project is to focus on developing distributed ledger (DL) based architecture and enablers for trustworthy situation awareness.
The main targeted challenge area arises from the real-time and trustworthy information sharing needs of CPS. Such interaction between cyber-physical entities of different sectors and organizations highlights need for guaranteed trust, security and privacy for reaching smart operation for real-time situation awareness. The Res4CPS addresses this challenge via investigating to R&D of distributed ledger based solutions for information sharing and security to enable trustworthy situation awareness. Res4CPS plans to apply novel blockchain technologies for handling identities, keys and trust levels in the distributed CPS. The solutions will be developed and evaluated in the two use cases: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) control and mission handling, and situation aware traffic. They provide the framework to set-up the requirements, as well as testing platform for the solutions.
The targeted impact of Res4CPS is envisioned to help society to prevent potential traffic chaos, lower the loss of lives and improve sustainability in autonomous enhanced traffic. The accurate situational awareness make moving in traffic more safe for all of us. The novel Res4CPS architecture is will enable new opportunities for companies to provide new products and services around telecommunication, UAVs, traffic information systems and traffic in smart cities.
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