Resource-Efficient IoT-Edge Systems

Project Key Information

Project Status: running

Start Date: October 2020

End Date: June 2023

Budget (total): 717.1 K€

Effort:  12.35 PY

Project-ID: C2019/1-5

Project Coordinator

Name: Ricardo Vitorino

Company: Ubiwhere

Country: Portugal


Project Consortium

Kuls, Korea

KAIST, Korea

UbiWhere, Portugal

PROEF, Portugal


IoT is hailed as a set of technologies that has the potential to transform society, making cities smart, reforming production through smart factories, increasing quality of life through smart home care and increase productivity and efficiency of agriculture to name a few uses. For these reasons, the commercial interest in IoT is very strong and the IoT market is growing rapidly. However, much research and development needs to be done before the potential of IoT systems can be fully realised as they require new systems models and technical solutions.

The project will research and develop new methods, technologies and systems for maximising energy efficiency and increase performance in IoT systems, with a focus on IoT devices and processing at the edge of wireless networks. Energy efficiency and performance are often at odds with each other, and the project will investigate fundamental trade-offs between the two leading to understanding about how to optimise energy efficiency given performance constraints and conversely, how to optimise performance given energy constraints. The findings will be used in a number of use cases of specific commercial interest to the partner organizations, where they will generate commercial advantage in their respective market segments.

The project will investigate a mix of both sensor devices as well as computational and data management platforms where the complimentary expertise of the project partners will create strong synergy effects and understanding of all parts of the overall IoT edge systems.

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