SEcure Networking for a DATa Center Cloud in Europe – Extended Datacenter solutions

Project Key Information

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: April 2016

End Date: March 2019

Budget (total):  5429 k€

Effort: 30,5 PY

Project-ID: C2015/3-3

Project Coordinator

Name: Tor Björn Minde

Company: Ericsson

Country: Sweden


Project Consortium

Ericsson AB (EAB), Sweden

ABB Corporate research, Sweden

Arctoslabs AB, Sweden

BnearIT AB, Sweden

Eitech AB, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), Sweden

LTU, Sweden

Metria AB, Sweden

Netrounds AB, Sweden

SICS Swedish ICT AB, Sweden

Swegon AB, Sweden

SICS North Swedish ICT AB, Sweden


As described in the SENDATE umbrella project large Data Centers (DCs) are forming the most important control centers of the Internet nowadays. Within datacenters data is stored, processed, and communicated to provide business value. Current datacenters have a huge computing power, massive storage capacities, and an enormous performance based on centrally stored and processed data. They are mostly located far away from the end-customers close to the main resource the power.

The network is used for transport and content distribution in CDNs. The energy used is also growing along the growing amount of data stored, processed and communicated. This leads to low flexibility for new requirements, long delays to customers for delay sensitive applications, and need for continuous energy performance improvements.

New application scenarios of our digital society such as Industrial Internet, mobile connected objects, Internet of Things and especially 5G lead to a huge number of end devices and an enormous increase of traffic volume and data processing. The high demands on security, location awareness, service guarantees, flexibility, energy performance and latency require a convergence of telecommunication networks and IT, optimization of datacenter automation and energy consumption as well as distributed data center functionalities, which are placed closer to the customers and end devices.

The goal of the SENDATE-EXTEND project is to provide the scientific, technical, and technological concepts and solutions for

  • A clean-slate architecture supporting the application scenario demands
  • Intra-DC -control, -management, and –orchestration
  • Inter-DC -control, -management, and –orchestration
  • Intra and inter-DC holistic control and management of energy optimization cross-layer from building, energy supply to ICT software
  • Placement, control, and management of some Virtual Network Functions (VNF)
  • High speed transport networks to interconnect servers in a DC, data centers together, the end-users and the end-devices.
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