Secure Transactions & e-Medical care

Project STEM
Project Key Information

Project Status: Cancelled

Start Date: May 2016

End Date: April 2019

Budget (total): 13165 K€

Effort: 155.4 PY

Project-ID: C2015/4-1

Project Coordinator

Name: Selami Ciftci

Company: Türk Telekommunikasyon A.S.

Country: Turkey


Project Consortium

Türk Telekommunikasyon A.S., Turkey

Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri Bil.San.Tic.A.S. (IDEA), Turkey

NETAS Telecommunications A.S., Turkey

Vestel Electronics, Turkey


Gemalto SA, France

BCA Smart (BCA), France

ENOVACOM SAS (Enovacom), France

University Paris-Est Creteil, France

MLSTATE (MLstate), France

CEA LIST, France

Qos Design SARL (Qosdesign), France

Innovalia Association, Spain

Soluciones Technológicas Para la salud el Bienestar S.A (TSB), Spain

Nextel S.A., Spain

Tecnicas Competitivas S.A. (Tecnicas), Spain

Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP/GECAD), Portugal

Idealmed III -serviços de saude Lda-Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra (IDEALMED-UHC) , Portugal

Ciberbit-Produçoes de Software (Ciberbit), Portugal

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Henri Mondor, (CHU Mondor), France


STeM project will design and develop a viable “secure transaction & e-medical care” framework for the secure transactions of medical data and invoices connected with e-Medical care. By smoothly integrating the innovative IoT technologies into the existing e-Health solutions, STeM platform will provide innovative solutions to the challenges in e-Health services such as interoperability, security, safety and scalability.

Achieving this, the STeM project aims at solving a number of limitations to the development of e-health and e-transaction services. Specifically, the ambition of the project is to enhance the added value of e-services for users by introducing key innovations from Internet of Things (IoT), to improve interoperability of legacy transaction management systems across Europe and partner countries, to upgrade cyber-security capabilities in order to properly address the new vulnerabilities and threats to which IoT enhanced environments are exposed, and to increase safety and scalability by involving smarter self-management, self-reconfiguration and self-healing mechanisms.

Besides developing a secure e-medical care framework, the IoT enabled STeM platform will also define generic enablers that can be used as the building block for new secure IoT based services in the telecommunication sector. These enablers will help service providers to rapidly develop new and innovative IoT based services, which in turn will mean new business opportunities for the sector.

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