5G on Streetlights

Project Street5G
Project Key Information

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: April 2024

End Date: September 2026

Budget (total): 1935.25 K€

Effort:  14.3 PY

Project-ID: C2023/2-17

Project Coordinator

Name: Israel Koffman

Company: RunEL NGMT

Country: Israel

E-mail: israelk@runel.net

Project Consortium

RunEL NGMT, Israel
Pollight, Poland
Rapid Space, France


The Street 5G project intends to provide a revolutionary end to end 5G Cellular Network infrastructure that is installed on streetlight poles.

The project international team includes all the relevant players in the Cellular Network and Smart Cities  value chain from the 5G System on Chip and Radio Equipment Vendor ( RunEL/Israel), The Streetlight poles and lamps manufacturer, System Integration and Light poles and lamps Installation and managing services provider (Pollight/Poland) to the 5G Network Management and Core and Access Software provider ( Rapid Space/ France), In addition there is a written confirmation that the system, once completed, will be deployed and tested by a leading cellular operator in Poland (Deutsche Telekom).

The 5G on streetlight project will span for 30 months and a budget of   1.935 million Euros and include two main Phases:

Phase-1: The development phase that includes the development of the system Architecture and the main technological innovations (such as Integrated Access and Backhaul/Fronthaul (IAB/IAF), low radiation and power efficient radio heads, accurate User Equipment (UE) position location, etc.) as well as the system prototype testing in a limited smart city environment in Israel.

Phase-2: The commercialization phase that include the conversion of the prototype into a low-cost solution that will be tested and certified for commercial deployment and installed on Pilot site in a city in Poland for evaluation by a tier-1 cellular operator.

The Street 5G project will accelerate the deployment of 5G Networks worldwide by a green low-cost solution and contribute to the ITU sustainable development goals by enabling social, economic, and environmentally sustainable growth and development for everyone.

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